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Hebrew and comparative literature professor Robert Alter discusses nuance in Biblical translation

On Monday, Sept. 23, Robert Alter, an Emeritus Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature at the University of California, Berkeley, discussed his recently published and widely lauded translation of the Hebrew Bible, as well as his new book, “The Art of Bible Translation,” at a talk co-hosted by the Religion and Judaic Studies departments.

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U. alumna makes first public appearance since accusing Virginia lieutenant governor of sexual assault

Vanessa Tyson ’98, will meet with a Massachusetts District Attorney about her allegations of sexual assault against Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax. On Feb. 12, Tyson made her first public appearance since coming forward with her allegations. A second woman, Maryland resident Meredith Watson, has also accused Fairfax of sexual assault. Fairfax has maintained that his encounters with both Tyson and Watson were consensual. 

Computer science experts criticize New Jersey's election security

With midterm elections approaching, New Jersey is still using technology which leaves voting results vulnerable to hacks. At a panel Wednesday evening about election security, computer science professor Andrew Appel highlighted the fact that New Jersey and four other states exclusively use computer-based ballots, a method which makes detecting hacks and recounting votes impossible.

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