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Ethan Thai


Food for thoughts

I can’t say the small act of partaking in a midnight conversation on the mysteries of life will break that harmful chain. It does, however, help distinguish true intellectual stimulation from ruthless mental exertion, actions we often and unfortunately confuse.

Living in the age of accountability

The time when simple memories would be lost to time or the details of a party might be blurred by the wash of an alcohol-infused night have been replaced by an era in which each moment we live and each interaction we share is captured and cataloged with a digital trace.

Heritage by inspection

As we celebrate a multitude of cultures this Asian American Heritage Month, let us not forget that heritage itself embraces not only traditions instilled but also stories created. While I may not have a strong affiliation to the customs of my family’s homelands, the values formed by my ancestors in and out of those cultures have shaped who I am today. 

The guilt of relaxation at Princeton

Consequently, I believe it is time we allowed the idea of beneficial unproductivity back into our lives. As a community, students must recognize the absurdity of glorifying stress and suffocating from work.