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Eric Zhao


Group fitness classes at Dillon Gym

Have you considered taking more classes to deal with the stress from your current classes? Of course, these aren’t just any classes; Campus Recreation offers many fantastic group fitness classes to help you stay fit, healthy, and, ideally, stress-free.

Q&A: Designing the Senior Thesis

Seniors have been busy recently for one main reason: senior thesis work.  To get an idea of what these students have been spending hours and hours on, the Street interviewed three seniors, Dylan Blau Edelstein ’17, former Street editor Harrison Blackman ’17, and Daniel Teehan ’17.

Unfamiliar Street: Western Distributor, Sydney

This summer I was disappointed to learn that “P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way” did not exist. I had taken a trip to travel down the east coast of Australia, specifically to visit Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sydney.

Spring Courses on Love

While love does not seem like the type of thing you learn from a textbook, at a lecture, or in a seminar, it has been studied in everything from history to sociology and psychology.

Unfamiliar Place: Venice

You find that the city of Venice is hot and loud in the summertime, but the heat and the noise here are different -- it’s more organic and more human.

The 'Suite' Life

Just like the students housed within them, Princeton dorms are immensely diverse.Across campus, one can find a whole range of differently-sized rooms: singles, doubles, triples, quads, two-floor quads, quints, and so on, until the 11-person suite in Wilson College.