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Emily Spalding

Senior Writer


Students protest Title IX office at Firestone Plaza

Amid the students, campus tour groups, and community members strolling about the Firestone Library Plaza on Tuesday afternoon, a student wearing only his underwear lay sprawled out on the concrete. A black bag covered his face and the words “Title IX Protects Rapists” were emblazoned on his torso with black ink. 

Q&A with Mark Hoppus, co-lead vocalist, bassist of Blink-182

The Daily Princetonian sat down with Mark Hoppus, co-lead vocalist and bassist of Blink-182 following a talk he gave at the Berlin Theater on Monday. Hoppus shares some of his earliest influences, discusses the current state of the music industry, and reflects on the work his group has done over the past decades. 

Mark Hoppus discusses Blink-182, musical evolution

With catchy songs like “All the Small Things” and “First Date,” and over 50 million records sold worldwide, Blink-182 has had a tremendous influence on the pop punk genre. Hoppus and Mackey discussed the cultural impact and timelessness of Blink-182’s music, analyzing songs including “Rock Show,” “Feeling Myself,” and, of course, “What’s My Age Again?” to illustrate how the group’s sound has evolved since its founding in 1992.

Cannady ’19 enters plea deal, receives conditional discharge

Standout men’s basketball player Devin Cannady ’19 entered a plea agreement on Mar. 11 for the four charges brought against him after he allegedly threw a punch at a Department of Public Safety Officer in Wawa on Jan. 18. Three of his four charges were dismissed. For the fourth charge, Cannady received a conditional discharge, and he will serve 20 hours of community service as part of the agreement. According to his attorney, Cannady has plans to return to the University in the fall and will be preparing for the NBA draft while on leave.