Saturday, September 24

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Elijah Benson

Carl A. Fields Center

A new Street: a suggestion for expanding the Carl A. Fields Center

With esteemed alumna Mellody Hobson ’91 giving the University a major gift, there will be a new residential college built where First College (formerly known as Wilson College) stands. The next steps to this process, however, should include changes that affect the dynamics of the University on both a micro and macro level. One step that can be taken from here is to focus on creating more spaces on campus that highlight diversity.

McCosh Hall

Changing history: Why students should take foreign history classes

To educate students on topics not traditionally covered in the American education system, broaden their academic horizons, and, most importantly, instill an awareness of different cultures, the University should adjust the distribution requirements so that all students — not just those in the major — must take at least one HA course that does not focus on the United States or Europe, with the exception of those centered on African-American history.


Reparations now

The University prides itself with leveraging one of the largest endowments in the country — and the political power it carries — to the benefit of its students. What is keeping them from implementing a plan for reparations? 


The Stress Council

Students know what students want and more importantly what students need. We need to combine the ideas of the students with the funding and resources of the administration to effectively lessen the stress culture on campus. 

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