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Corinne Lowe

University begins process of creating gender-neutral bathrooms

The University is in the process of creating more gender neutral, single stall bathrooms around campus, according toMichele Minter, vice provost for institutional equity and diversity.“There’s just been a lot of interest from students over the past couple years to have more gender neutral bathrooms, as well as interest from our Office of Disability Services,”Minter said.The buildings of interest are academic, athletic and other non-residential buildings, Assistant Vice President for the Office of Design and Construction Anne St.

Race panel discusses recent African-American deaths, grand jury decisions

Professors applauded the protests in the wake of Michael Brown’s and Eric Garner’s deaths in recent weeks, and clarified the practices and legal processes that help explain their deathsand the lack of indictment in a panel discussion on Thursday. Associate Professor of African American Studies Naomi Murakawa, Director of the Program in Law and Public Affairs Kim Lane Scheppele and sociology professor at the Institute for Advanced StudiesDidier Fassin were on the panel. Fassin noted the significance of public discussion and protests that have occurred in past weeks that he contrasted with the “moral anesthesia” typical of the United States. “The most remarkable fact is that, for the first time for many years, the death of a black man has not remained buried in the news and public consciousness,” Fassin said. Fassin offered three major observations about the response to Brown’s and Garner’s murders: that the wave of protests is a rupture in the indifference to what police call “justifiable death,” that recent protests have been almost exclusively peaceful, and that the response is national, crossing color lines and social classes. Fassin also discussed how racial criminalization compares in other nations, comparing this incident to an incident in December 2005 in France in which two innocent black men were brutally killed by police after a theft had been committed in an area close to where they were walking.

Princeton Preview scheduled to remain a one-day event for second year

The University has scheduled two one-day placeholder dates for Princeton Preview this spring, but it has not fully decided whether Preview will once again be a day-long event or if it will later be expanded into a multi-day form, Dean of Admission Janet Rapelye said this week. Preview is currently scheduled for Monday, April 13, and Tuesday, April 28, according to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Study Abroad v4.5

A.B. departments show marked differences in study abroad rates

Approximately 56 percent of undergraduate students at the University engage in study abroad programs between semesters and summers abroad, and 27 percent do it more than once, according to Director of Study Abroad in the Office of International Programs Mell Bolen. However, the number of students that spends a full semester abroad or more is much smaller.

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