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Chang Che


Seeing the big picture: Diversity in eating clubs

The recent opposition to the USG eating club referendum — a proposal to collect demographic data on club membership — has largely focused on three main aspects: the challenges of implementation, the effect on the student body, and the fear of misinterpreting the cause of the demographics.

The myth of the millennial problem

As Princeton students who will become the leaders of this generation, it is time we reexamined the many cultural attitudes surrounding the behaviors of millennials.

The ethics of giving back

Last summer, Canadian writer Malcolm Gladwell argued that donating to Princeton was a “moral crime.” When people decide to donate their money to a cause, he says, they must also consider where that money isnotgoing. He assumes that people donate to improve the lives of others, and, therefore, thatthey are wrong to donate to the school with the largest per capita endowment in the world, where the impact of their donationis minimal.

Why men should buy women their birth control

It is now generally accepted in our society that childcare is not just a woman’s responsibility. We believe that women should be as entitled to a job and equal wages as men, and reciprocally, man should equally bear the responsibility of childcare.