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Catherine Offord

PPPL physicists move forward in understanding fusion energy obstacles

Physicists at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, General Atomics and other research institutions have made new observations that help to understand one of the major barriers to developing fusion energy.The new findings, published in two back-to-back articles in “Physical Review Letters” on March 12, present novel observations from experiments that sought to control damaging heat bursts that routinely occur in a type of fusion machine called a tokamak.

U. office removes statement about safety of Wi-Fi radiation following activist pressure

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety removed a statement from its websiteabout the safety of radiation from Wi-Fi in June 2014 in response to activist pressure. The statement, which reflected the University’s position on the hazards of exposure to wireless radiation and authored in 2007, disappeared from the website after the University deemed it to be out of date. The move took place against a backdrop of activist concern about Wi-Fi safety in schools across the country and in Europe and was triggered by a series of emails from individuals outside the University who had viewed the University's statement on radiation safety. The process began with an email in February 2014 from a womanconcerned about Wi-Fi safety who had two young children, Sue Dupre, the University's Assistant Director of Environmental Health and Safety, said.The woman was not affiliated with the University. “She contacted us and everybody in our office, including more senior people in University management, expressing concern about our position statement and saying that there were other important, recent studies we needed to look at,” Dupre said.

New Graduate Student Government elected, plans for increased engagement

Akshay Mehra GS, a graduate student in the geosciences department, was elected president of the Graduate Student Government, GSG announced at its Wednesday meeting.He joins newly elected secretary Katie Wolf GS, treasurer Mike Hepler GS, special events officer Liz Davison GS and returning vice president Mircea Davidescu.The meeting marked the end of a challenging year for the previous GSG officer corps, which was burdened with repeated delays in the construction of Lakeside Housing Project, the new graduate housing site.High on the agenda this year will be plans to strengthen ties among graduate students across the University to create what Mehra said should be “a sense of a large community beyond individual departments.”One proposal, also discussed by last year’s committee, is the introduction of a new on-campus graduate center.

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