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Benjamin Gelman


Confront, don't ignore, the far right

It is essential to push back and appeal for our government to respond to the more serious national security threat: white nationalism. But how can we do so if we ourselves know little about this danger?

The limits of callout culture

It is only through a dependence on our public institutions, and through faith in our democratic system and its ability to right wrongs that we can hope to make real improvements through political action.

When knowledge isn’t power

How can we hope to have any impact on the world if the knowledge we acquire on how to solve some of the most pressing issues, such as infectious diseases and global warming, is routinely ignored?

The double-edged sword of Tiger Confessions

Tiger Confessions is merely a vehicle for our thoughts. As such, it is our responsibility to decide the culture of the page and to determine what kinds of online content we promote as a student body.

Why we need the Green New Deal

By putting such bold ideas into a real congressional proposal, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Markey have sent a loud and clear message that the status quo of U.S climate policy is unsustainable and unworkable. 

Karen Pence and the culturally acceptable

What these supporters are missing is that the issue concerns homophobia and transphobia, not the religious devotion of public figures. Taking an anti-LGBTQ+ belief and calling it religious does not make it any less malicious or any more legitimate, and it serves only to distract from what is really being debated. 

Should we be celebrating on election night?

There must be an effort made, at least for one night, to be able to feel both severe disappointment when a candidate we believe is dangerous or unqualified wins, and a feeling of intense pride in our working democracy. 

Luxury of civility

It is crucial to step outside our privileged point of view and understand that while the status quo might work for us, it is not so for many of our fellow citizens. Civility is a luxury many cannot afford.

Politics as Entertainment

It then feels more natural to talk about Matt Damon’s hilarious Brett Kavanaugh impression or Melissa McCarthy's repeated skewering of Sean Spicer than it is to deal with the real political effects that the events being parodied have produced.