Sunday, September 25

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Beni Snow

Democratize the Honor Committee

The committees should work like our jury system. People should not want to serve, since it isn’t a pleasant thing to judge others. They should be picked randomly, and after a trial, they should be dismissed, never to serve again. Incorporate everyone, and let no one have too much power. It’s not a perfect system, but no system with punishments will ever be. 

Princeton admissions: legacy

The University very much enjoys having legacy admissions. There is something nice about seeing multigenerational tiger families at reunions. The increase in donations, while not quantifiable, is likely quite significant. But the very concept of legacy admissions flies in the face of individualism and meritocracy.

Princeton Admissions: Early Action

Princeton is one of the most selective colleges in the world. That is guaranteed, as there are more students who want to attend than spaces at the university. The criteria by which Princeton decides who can be a tiger, and who cannot, are not set in stone. In this column, part of a three-part series on admissions, I will examine early admission.

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