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Avner Goldstein


Review: Finding connection in ‘Russian Doll’


Despite the comedic quirks in “Russian Doll,” a newly released Netflix series, the program stuns with serious reflections about mortality, self-love, and becoming a better person. 

Bonfires are for the boys

Why does our highest sports tradition only honor football? One only need look at just how white football as an institution can be against a backdrop of Princeton’s own historic racism.

A better Birthright

With this in mind, how can we make Birthright a program that properly connects Jewish youth with Israel, including its politics? We can start by calling for the University’s Birthright trip to have a Palestinian speaker, specifically someone from Area C of the West Bank, which is the region under complete Israeli control, and can speak to the realities of military occupation.

The Hate We Give

The hardest reality of “The Hate U Give” is that those who need to see it most probably will not.