Tuesday, November 30

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USG discusses student group recognitions, position appointments

In their first weekly meeting of the second semester, the Undergraduate Student Government discussed new position appointments and student group recognitions on Feb. 19. The Student Group Recognition Committee’s Chair Aaron Sobel ’19 presented newly recognized student groups, a distinction that grants groups access to an email listserv and deems them legitimate. As legitimate student groups, they are eligible for funding from the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students.

NEWS | 02/20/2017

USG President signs No Apologies Initiative, an effort to remove application fees for first-generation and low-income applications

Undergraduate Student Government President Myesha Jemison ’18 signed on to the "No Apologies Initiative," a collaborative effort among student government leaders of Ivy League and similarly selective peer institutions to automatically remove application fees for first-generation and low-income applicants to their schools, according to a press release. The press release was penned by Viet Nguyen, Brown University Student Body President and the director of 1IvyG, an inter-Ivy first-generation college student network that provides resources to first-generation students and seeks to "improve ... campuses for all first-generation college students.” Melana Hammel ’18, co-chair of the Princeton Hidden Minority Council, also signed on to the initiative along with USG Vice President Daniel Qian ’19.

NEWS | 02/16/2017


USG pilots free menstrual products program

The Undergraduate Student Government launched a free menstrual product pilot program on Dec. 4 in Frist Campus Center. The program will run until Dec. 16 and aims to address issues of accessibility and financial hardships associated with menstrual products. The program has involved placing one basket of courtesy tampons and pads in each of the nine bathrooms in Frist: four women’s, four men’s, and one gender-neutral.

NEWS | 12/14/2016

The referendum passed, now what?

“Since the clubs are private, USG carries no authority over ICC. Information would only be released on a voluntary basis that would require the consent of each individual clubs' membership, officers, management, and graduate board,” Christopher Yu '17 wrote an email. Yu is Colonial Club and Interclub Council (ICC) President.

NEWS | 12/13/2016

USLC, VP for Campus Life pilot program deactivating bathroom locks

USG has widely solicited student feedback as they prepare to institute the program, disseminating a survey and hosting two forums for students to ask questions. While Johnson says he believes that “most students. . .will recognize the positives” of the program, Czulak recognizes that the survey results have not been unanimously in favor of the policy, and hopes that the University will be able to follow the consensus of many diverse viewpoints.

NEWS | 12/11/2016

USG candidates discuss respective platforms

Undergraduate Student Government announced the candidates for next year's offices last Sunday. Dan Qian ’19 is running for vice president of the student body. As vice president, Qian hopes to make USG projects more transparent by surveying student opinion on Senate projects before priorities are set and relaying results of weekly administrator meetings to the student body. With experience on the Senate, Executive Committee, and Core Committee, he has worked with the Vice President, President, and the rest of the Senate.

NEWS | 11/29/2016

USG discusses potential academic calendar updates, USG Labs

The Undergraduate Student Government met with Deputy Dean of the College Elizabeth Colagiuri to discuss potential changes to the academic calendar and required coursework in their meeting on Sunday. Colagiuri is a member of the Task Force on General Education, which recently released a report outlining various recommendations that the report describes as being designed to provide students an education that “reflects both breadth and depth of study.” Among the recommended changes to current coursework are identifying tags that will exist in conjunction with current distribution areas.

NEWS | 11/13/2016