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The Daily Princetonian

Possible female running mates not proof of gender equality

In the three weeks since Super Tuesday shrunk the 2000 presidential campaign to a two-man race, political pundits have refocused their attention from the question of "Who will make the best president?" to that of "Who will make the best running mate?" Among those publishing speculations, the March 20 Newsweek listed seven possible choices for Al Gore and nine for George W.

OPINION | 03/28/2000

The Daily Princetonian

Zen and the art of dart-ness: Center thyself and become the bull's-eye

What would life be without those sports of daring, precision and skill collectively known as "pub games"? On the wall of Cottage Club's pool room are inscribed the words of a prophet: "To play a good game of billiards is the mark of a well-rounded education; but to play too good a game of billiards is the mark of an ill-spent youth." After an adolescence spent in the pool halls and sports bars of eastern Tennessee, I must respectfully disagree with the prophet.There is no such thing as playing too good a game of billiards, or darts or poker.

OPINION | 03/27/2000

The Daily Princetonian

Accept Papal apology and move forward

The recent apology of Pope John Paul II for the sins committed in the past by those acting in the name of the Roman Catholic church against Jews, women, the poor, dissidents and various ethnic groups, among others, has generated much comment and controversy.Within the Jewish community in this country, in Europe and in Israel, voices have been heard complaining that this is too little, too late.

OPINION | 03/23/2000

The Daily Princetonian

Local Smoking Ban

By delaying its final decision on the proposed smoking ban until May, the Princeton Regional Health Commission gave us all some extra time to ponder the health hazards associated with secondhand smoke, the economic benefits associated with entrepreneurial free choice and finally, the appropriate bounds of local government.Perhaps more importantly, the delay will give the commission time to figure out the smoking ban's legal consequences ? namely, the likelihood of the Borough and Township being sued successfully by local bars, restaurants and taverns, the establishments most directly impacted by the proposed ban.But even once the issue of liability is resolved, other questions will remain.

OPINION | 03/22/2000

The Daily Princetonian

Letters to the Editor

Millstone Bypass would harm quality of lifeI write with regard to the excellent March 22 'Prince' article discussing the effect of the proposed Millstone Bypass on the Washington Elm Allee.

OPINION | 03/22/2000