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Kahumbu GS to enter rally, race for endangered rhinos

In the Southeast, off-roading ? also known as mudding ? is a 'sport' that consists of finding empty construction sites after rainfall and getting Jeeps or Blazers as muddy as possible.But go a little farther south ? Kenya, to be exact ? and off-roading is a conservation activity to save the rhinoceros from extinction.On May 30, Paula Kahumbu GS and her all-female team will drive a 4x4 through the Kenyan wilderness as a fund-raiser for the endangered black rhinoceros.The fund raiser, sponsored by Rhino Ark, is a rally in which 50 cars must reach 12 checkpoints in the minimum distance possible, Kahumbu said.Until exactly one month before the race, the location in Kenya is kept secret, she said.

NEWS | 04/16/1998

Grocery chain considers move to present Borough library site

Independents may be able to shop for their groceries in town again. Palmer Square Management has raised the possibility that a grocery store may open on the present site of the Princeton Public Library, which is considering a move into a new building on Hulfish Street, near the Baptist church.According to an article in the Princeton Packet, Jim McCaffrey, owner and president of McCaffrey's grocery store chain, has said he might be interested in opening a store on the library's current site at Witherspoon and Paul Robeson Place.The moves have not yet been approved and would take several years to implement.

NEWS | 04/15/1998

Tigertones to sing at MADD concert

Senior Tigertones Greg Paulson, Brian Goehring, David Grossman and Brian Kurtz will have a second "once in a lifetime opportunity" to perform at Carnegie Hall.The University singing group organized the concert and arranged for the proceeds to benefit Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which raises awareness about the consequences of drinking and driving.The Princeton Tigertones, Yale Whiffenpoofs and Harvard Krokodiloes singing groups will perform together in a May 3 concert titled "The Ivy League Remembers . . . A Capella for MADD."Tickets will be on sale at dining halls and eating clubs next week.

NEWS | 04/15/1998

Deans end firework investigation; judge lets Brasno charges stand

The University has ended its investigation into a March incident in which a firecracker was thrown in a crowded Palestra during a Princeton-Penn basketball game."I think it is safe to say that the investigation into this incident is now closed," said Kathleen Deignan, associate dean of student life.The end of the investigation comes, however, as the criminal case against Jason Brasno '98 continues to move toward trial.

NEWS | 04/15/1998


Muldoon, Heaney readings to open Irish poetry exhibit

You lose more of yourself than you redeem doing the decent thing. Keep at a tangent. When they make the circle wide, it's time to swim out on your own ? Seamus HeaneyPaul Muldoon, the creative writing department's celebrated Irish poet, will be joined on stage with some of his famous peers later this month.But instead of Laurie Sheck and Yusef Komunyakaa ? two more famed poets the University can claim as teachers ? Muldoon will be joined by friends from back home: the Irish poets Seamus Heaney, Michael Longley and Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill.The reading, which will include Nobel Prizewinning Heaney, is in honor of the Leonard L.

NEWS | 04/15/1998

Faculty salaries increase by 4.7 percent during past year

If the spring in your professor's step is a little livelier than usual these days, don't assume it's because of the remarkably high quality of that last batch of papers.Rather, the 3.4-percent increase in faculty salaries nationwide may have a little more to do with it.The increase is detailed by the American Association of University Professors in a report that this year has been titled "Doing Better" ? a reference to a jump in salaries that is double the rate of inflation. Above AverageAt Princeton, salaries bested even the national average.

NEWS | 04/14/1998

Earth Week begins as students initiate series of activities

Earth Week debuts today, and environmentally active students hope to show that recycling and clean-water campaigns should rustle the flag-flying on top of Nassau Hall."We're very ambitious, and this is far more than what we did last year," said event coordinator Mike Wendschuh '99.This is the second consecutive year University students have collaborated to usher in Earth Day, April 22, the worldwide celebration of environmental awareness.The Earth Day celebration will take place throughout campus, with activities in Firestone Plaza, Poe Field and even the 'Street.' Because student participation in past years has been low, organizers have made this year's events more appealing. Encourage student turnout"For student organizations to do anything for the environment is virtually impossible so we don't get very good turnouts," Wendschuh said.

NEWS | 04/14/1998

Construction begins for terrace, new entries to Prospect Gardens

Students accustomed to walking through Prospect Gardens on their way to classes or the 'Street' have had to alter their course this week in response to construction work.According to Jim Consolloy, head of grounds maintenance, a bluestone terrace, which will be part of the walkway systems leading to the new campus center, is being installed behind Prospect House.

NEWS | 04/14/1998

Surveys indicate infrequent sex on campus

Sex kills. Come to Princeton and live forever," reads the T-shirt.While the lack of sex on campus has often been the source of humorous speculation, the results of a campus-wide 'Prince' survey suggest that the T-shirt's message may be closer to fact than fiction.The survey, conducted at residential college dining halls, coops and eating clubs (except Tiger Inn, which refused to participate), asked students a range of questions about sexual behavior and relationships.

NEWS | 04/14/1998

Lake speaks about globalization, problems facing new democracies

A year ago, Anthony Lake GS 69, 74 stood before a University audience as a man muzzled by his pending nomination to be Director of the CIA.Yesterday, Lake showed he does have plenty to say, though he conceded at the outset of his remarks that what he says "doesn't mean very much anymore."Lake, who served as National Security Advisor during President Clinton's first term, left the government last year after withdrawing his name from consideration for the CIA job when it became clear the Senate would not approve his nomination.

NEWS | 04/14/1998

Guggenheim foundation awards grants to six University professors

Six University professors were among the 168 recipients of fellowship awards from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.Professors Scott Burnham, Demetrios Christodoulou, Hal Foster, Abdellah Hammoudi, Kenneth Rogoff and Salvatore Torguato have been named Guggenheim Fellows in the foundation's 74th annual competition.The foundation selects advanced professionals in all fields of study, excluding the performing arts, to receive funding as Guggenheim Fellows.

NEWS | 04/14/1998

Exam committees to meet

The newly created student Committee on Examinations and Standing will meet with its faculty-run counterpart before the end of the school year, giving the student body a voice in academic matters.The provisions in the "Rules and Procedures of the Faculty of Princeton University" require the meeting, stating that "whenever the Undergraduate Student Government shall establish a committee parallel to a faculty committee, the parallel committees shall at least once a year meet in joint session."The faculty Committee on Examinations and Standing reviews student records and deals with "substantive issues affecting the entire student body," USG president David Ascher '99 said.USG academics chair Todd Rich '00 said the meeting between the student and faculty committees is important because it marks "the beginning of a formalized forum for student input to be taken into consideration" in academic matters."I think it is a very positive step we are taking," he added.Ascher shared the optimism, noting that the USG has been requesting student participation on the committee for the past three years.When the student committee was established earlier this year, Dean of the College Nancy Malkiel was hesitant to allow the student and faculty committees to meet, citing the sensitivity of most of the subject matter that the committee handles.There is "usually no business that is something other than what is related to student records," Malkiel said in a Feb.

NEWS | 04/13/1998

Bike theft vexes students, police; Public Safety intensifies efforts

Returning to the Graduate College late one September night, Sadanand Dhume GS locked the front wheel of his spanking new Schwinn bicycle to a nearby bench.It was the last time Dhume would ever see his bike, for the sight that greeted him when he awoke hours later was truly horrific."When I got there the next morning, all I could see was a wheel," Dhume said.

NEWS | 04/13/1998

Harkin duo to give '98 baccalaureate

Ruth Harkin will join her husband Senator Tom Harkin in this year's baccalaureate address, the University announced Friday.It will be the first time that two speakers will give the University's baccalaureate speech.When Senator Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, learned that this year marked the 25th anniversary of Princeton's first coeducational graduating class, he extended the podium to include his wife.They will give a joint baccalaureate address Sunday, May 31 in celebration of the anniversary of full coeducation.Harkin "thought it would be nice for his wife to join him in the address," said Mary Caffrey, media relations officer in the University's communications office.The senator suggested the idea to President Shapiro who highly approved and welcomed the prospect of an additional speaker, Caffrey said.Once called the sermon, the baccalaureate address is one of the University's oldest traditions.

NEWS | 04/12/1998