63.4% of students ‘would seriously consider’ leave of absence if fall is online, USG report finds

The survey results, released on Saturday, were based on 2,237 total responses and included student feedback on a wide range of issues regarding the COVID-19 crisis’ impact on academics and student life. Each survey question was optional, so each had a different number of total respondents. 

NEWS | May 16

A member of the Class of 2023 walks across a bridge at the Princeton-Blairstown Center as part of their Community Action trip.
Photo Credit: Zachary Shevin / The Daily Princetonian

Off-campus orientation experiences to take place online for Class of 2024

President Christopher L. Eisgruber ’83 announced in an email on May 4 that the University will not be making a decision as to whether the fall semester will be held online or in-person until early July. But the University Orientation programming office wrote that, given the timing necessary to plan off-campus trips, they are unable to wait until July to make decisions regarding small-group experiences. 

NEWS | May 12

Evelyn Doskoch / The Daily Princetonian 

USG reviews referendum position paper, confirms Honor Committee and Committee on Discipline members

Anne Grinder ’23, Samuel Fendler ’21, Michael Wang ’21, Munisa Said ’22, Matthew Weatherhead ’23, Yujin Angolio ’23, and Dylan Shapiro ’23 were reconfirmed for the Honor Committee. Abbie Willhelm ’23, Avner Goldstein ’21, Jennifer Lee ’23, and Daisy Torres ’22 were confirmed for the Committee on Discipline.

NEWS | May 10