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Letter to the Editor

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Rebuttal to Lipkowitz

This piece is a response to an editorial in The Daily Princetonian by Gabe Lipkowitz ’19 entitled “There is no art of science.” I consider Lipkowitz a close friend and recognize that he wishes to promote discussion by deliberately taking a bold stance. But his latest article, in my opinion, takes a stance much closer to ridiculous.

OPINION | 09/20/2018

The Daily Princetonian

A ceiling of glass and bamboo

While it is tempting to lump Asian-American women in with either all women or all Asian Americans, this approach is shortsighted. Instead, we need to consider how the stereotype of Asian femininity compounds with the “model minority” myth. The complex interplay of these stereotypes generates unreasonable expectations of extreme compliance and unquestioning service for Asian-American women. And it is these expectations that can severely restrict them from moving forward. 

OPINION | 04/29/2018

The Daily Princetonian

Letter to the Editor: Access to UHS sexual health and wellness services

An opinion column published by The Daily Princetonian on April 23, 2018 drew my attention. As the Director of Medical Services, I agree wholeheartedly with two of the primary points, that “the failure to disseminate knowledge about how such services work only heightens fear and apprehension in the student body,” and that there is always room for improving access to services. Therefore, I felt it important to respond by clearly communicating information about our approach to ensuring ready access to health care and a few of the specific services we offer.

OPINION | 04/24/2018

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Pooping in the shower is Princeton’s new normal: A letter to the heads of Princeton University

Imagine a crowded living space with bad plumbing, old hallways, and exposed pipes, where toilets overflow and make an unsanitary disaster, where human feces are found in the shower, urine found in trash cans, shower curtains removed as pranks, and then people of color and people of unprivileged socioeconomic backgrounds have to clean it all up. You don’t have to imagine it to believe it. This place exists here at Princeton University, the number one school in the country. 

OPINION | 04/24/2018

guest sexual misconduct

The role of upperclassmen in sexual misconduct culture

No matter how many people you try to represent or advocate for, you will never be more than one person. Individuals cannot make change alone; groups make change. I changed almost nothing. Now I am a senior. I am leaving. I am exhausted. Yet, for all the people who confided in me, I feel it would be irresponsible not to try one last Hail Mary before I graduate. This is it. I turn to you. I am only one; you could be many.

OPINION | 04/19/2018

zoe meal thoughts

Discriminatory meal plan changes under the guise of ‘community engagement’

My phone-typed response soon had the length of an essay, and I’m sharing part of that here. As an engineering major focused on sustainable design, and a health-focused individual who treasures the interpersonal warmth of a great meal, I’ve long taken issue with the required meal plans at this university. The forced predetermination of one’s food and eating place is incomprehensible to my friends and family, in Germany and across the globe.

OPINION | 04/17/2018

hidden dining hall

The hidden costs of proposed dining plans

If the Board Plan Review Committee is truly concerned about flexibility, they should not make any meal plan mandatory. Affordability can be addressed by simply increasing the annual stipend or granting more free meal swipes. Quality of life should not be sacrificed for supposed efficiency, which keeps costs down for the University while the most vulnerable student populations.

OPINION | 04/17/2018

station 206 letter

Station 206: Challenging greatness

If resistance to the Station succeeds, life will proceed as normal. Finding an internship will still be stressful. You will still have that 8:30 precept. Little will change. But we will know the answer to the question posed by Station 206, a question that we would do well to ask ourselves more often. What are you working for: a good world, or your own Greatness?

OPINION | 04/16/2018

chuang_pull quote

Me and my mother: Not part of the Tiger Club

Alongside my godmother and father, my mother taught my brother and me the discipline and hard work ethic that drove us to pursue our own dreams, without tightening nooses around our necks to study or completely secluding us from outside friendships. There were fights about grades and tests, but there were also fights about car privileges and party rights. My mother spearheaded the path I have taken, but she is by no means part of the club that most Asian American women are forced into as a result of the “tiger mom” narrative. 

OPINION | 04/12/2018


An always overriding risk: U.S. strikes in Syria and superpower nuclear war

Precluding his earlier vaunted “element of surprise” (remember the election campaign?), Trump's residual policy options could lead inexorably to a direct U.S.-Russian military encounter. Among other “simple” things, the president's most capable strategic thinkers (not tactical military planners) will need to work very quickly through the unimaginably complex dialectics of virtually all possible nuclear scenarios and outcomes.

OPINION | 04/12/2018

The Daily Princetonian

Never too Late

On April 12, 2011 — seven years ago today — a much-loved senior Spanish lecturer at the University killed himself. The University had suspended him without due process, and in seeming violation of its own procedures. In the time since, there has never been an independent investigation of what the University did. Whenever I think of my Princeton experience, the University’s actions around the death of a beloved community member is what I remember most of all. 

OPINION | 04/10/2018

The Daily Princetonian

Dear Princeton University

Believe it or not, there are people who have to clean up after us. A real-life human person wakes up at 5 a.m. on Monday morning, takes public transportation from Trenton, arrives on campus, walks into a bathroom and is welcomed by a toilet full of of two-day-old vomit. Then, that person has to clean it up.

OPINION | 03/29/2018