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Department of Public Safety partners with community to keep campus safe

I want to thank Rachel Kennedy for writing about her perception of safety on campus (How safe should I feel on campus?, Sept. 27, 2018). The men and women of PSAFE work hard every day not only to create the perception of safety, but to make it real. In fact, Princeton is frequently ranked as one of the nation’s safest campuses.

Most crimes on campus could easily be prevented. Unfortunately, members of the community sometimes feel so safe they don’t take simple precautions like locking an office or dorm room door, or they leave a phone or laptop unattended on a table in Frist Campus Center. Our most common crime is theft of unlocked bikes.


Did you know PSAFE patrols the campus by foot, bike, car, and golf cart every day? We try to visit each building every day, but the campus is large. PSAFE relies on the community to be a partner in creating the safe environment we all enjoy. It’s important for people to call us and let us know of any safety or security concern.

PSAFE provides crime prevention information through in-person programming as well as our website. We also issue campus safety notices and emergency information as the need arises through the Princeton Telephone and Email Notification System. We issue these alerts to keep the community safe.

PSAFE’s mission is “community caretaking.” We are here for the community through services like transports to University Health Services, lockouts, car battery jumps, and many other activities. Our police officers, security officers, and dispatchers are all interested in being helpful and serving as a resource for the community. Please feel free to call or stop by at 200 Elm Dr. if you have a problem. We will do our best to help. 

Paul Ominsky,

Executive Director of Public Safety