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Eating club leadership for 2024 set as election season comes to a close

Beneath a cloudy sky, two large brick buildings are visible on the right side of an intersection.
Prospect Avenue.
Mark Dodici / The Daily Princetonian

Six of Princeton’s 11 eating clubs, including all Bicker clubs, recently held their undergraduate officer elections. Four of the five sign-in clubs — Cloister Inn, Charter Club, Terrace Club, and Quadrangle Club — held their elections in November of last year. One of these incoming eleven presidents will soon be elected president of the Interclub Council (ICC).

Colonial Club was the only sign-in club to hold elections in December. The club elected its top four officers for the upcoming year, including President Alexis Wu ’25, Vice President Andrew Ji ’25, Treasurer Adam Huang ’25, and House Manager Yejin Bann ’25.


Colonial offered spots to 120 members, an increase from 70 people last year. The surge in membership at the club may be in part due to its early sign-in program, which allowed sophomores to gain admission to the club before the beginning of Street Week. 

At Tiger Inn, Teddy Bhatia ’25 was elected president. Other newly elected officers include Nina Boudet ’25 for vice president, Lina Singh ’25 for social chair, Gordon Helmers ’25 for house manager, Elena Every ’25 for treasurer, and Cole Lindemann ’25 for safety and communications czar, according to the club’s Instagram page.

Bhatia declined to provide comment to the ‘Prince.’

TI’s membership and popularity trended upwards this year with the arrival of the Class of 2026, Princeton’s largest undergraduate class in history, to the eating club scene. For the first time since the inception of double Bicker in 2017, which allows for sophomores to have the opportunity to bicker two Bicker clubs, TI became the most selective Bicker club on the street with an acceptance rate of 25.67 percent, edging out Ivy Club’s 26.80 percent acceptance rate. For the first time since 2001, the club also became the most bickered, overtaking Cap and Gown Club.

Cap elected Isis Arevalo ’25 as president, with the club’s additional new officers being Jason Ding ’25 for vice president, Aidan Phillips ’25 for treasurer, David Herrera ’25 for social chair, Krishna Parikh ’25 for membership chair, Shailee Desai ’25 for house manager, and Na’im Ahdieh ’25 for gear and athletics chair. 

Phillips is the business manager of the ‘Prince.’


Vincent Jiang ’25 won the presidential election at Tower Club, one of ten officers elected on Feb. 6. Sujay Swain ’25, Alex Slisher ’25, and Sophie Leheny ’25 were selected as vice president, house manager, and promotional chair respectively. 

The other new officers include Alexandra Roberts ’25 as treasurer, Emilie Chau ’25 as secretary, Aleha Amjad ’25 as social vice president, Okezie Eze ’25 as security chair, Ignacio Arias ’25 as membership chair, Philip Wang ’25 as activities chair, Wilbert Joseph ’25 as intramural chair, and Seth Kahn ’25 as technology chair. 

In a message to the ‘Prince,’ Jiang said the new officers are “prioritizing the integration of new members into the club.”

“Tower Club anticipated the Class of 2026 being a large bicker class, and we have correspondingly welcomed a larger incoming class of bickerees in line with our commitments to inclusivity, institutional equity, and diversity,” Jiang added.

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This year, Tower welcomed its largest incoming class since at least 2001, with 165 new members. 

Jiang is a columnist at the ‘Prince.’

Ivy elected Jaehee Ashley ’25 for president, Fergus Nevill ’25 for vice president, Cole Presten ’25 for social chair, Farouk Umar ’25 for treasurer, and Mackenzie Wilson ’25 for Bicker chair.

Ivy accepted 78 of its 291 bickerees this year. This smaller class size comes after the club accepted its largest class since at least 2001 last year with 87 bickerees.

Cynthia Nwankwo ’25 was elected president of Cottage Club, along with Peter Anella ’25 as vice president, James Cross ’25 as social chair, Lily Bryant ’25 as Bicker chair, and Andres Colmenares ’25 as house manager.

Cottage, Ivy, Colonial, and Cap officers did not respond to requests for comment by the time of publication.

Cannon Dial Elm Club elected Avery Shunneson ’25 as president, Mia Coene ’25 as vice president, and Jennifer Olnowich ’25, Chloe Ayres ’25, and Lauren Sablone ’25 as social chairs. Brett Feyerick ’25 was elected treasurer, Tommy Matheson ’25 as house manager, Jessica Lin ’25 as Bicker chair, Lucca Fulkerson ’25 as activities chair, and David Xie ’25 as intramurals chair.

Cannon officers did not provide comment by the time of publication.

With last year’s officers finishing their terms, new leadership will take over at the ICC soon, which meets weekly to discuss eating club-related matters and manages the club admissions process. ICC elections are currently scheduled for Monday, March 11. This would mark an accelerated timeline from last year, when the election took place in early April.

Justus Wilhoit is an assistant Audience editor and senior News writer for the ‘Prince.’

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Editor's note: This piece has been updated to reflect the rescheduled date for ICC elections.