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Influencing w/ Gabby Carter

Season 2, Episode 16 of Go With the Flo


In this episode, Gabby and Folarin discuss her YouTube page and scholarship advice, the first Black Ivy Vacation, all things High School Musical, transitioning to life after graduation, and much more!!!

This episode of Go With the Flo was produced under the 146th Managing Board of The Daily Princetonian. Gabby Carter is a senior in the anthropology department at Princeton University. She can be reached at gcarter@princeton.edu. The views expressed in this podcast are the views of the host and guest speakers alone.


0:00 - 1:43  Fighting conspiring forces

1:43 - 3:37  Gabby Intro

3:37 - 9:18  Our Health Matters


9:18 - 12:55 Canvas cover star

12:55 - 17:54 Princeton’s COVID strategies

17:54 - 30:06 Black Ivy in Mexico

30:06 - 35:44 Growing with Gabby

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35:44 - 41:26 High School Musical interlude

41:26 - 46:34 Rebranding after college?

46:34 - 49:28 Postgrad plans

49:28 - 56:12 Reminiscing

56:12 - 59:53 Musical Identity Segment

59:53 - 1:04:31 Tiger Confessions

1:04:31 - 1:05:16 Outro


Hosted by Folarin Okulaja

Produced by Folarin Okulaja

Engineered by Ezra Shin

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