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Michael Kratsios ’08: Chief Technology Officer of the United States

<h5>Michael Kratsios ’08 poses for an official White House portrait.</h5>
<h6>The White House / <a href="" target="_self">Keegan Barber</a></h6>
Michael Kratsios ’08 poses for an official White House portrait.
The White House / Keegan Barber

As Chief Technology Officer of the United States, Michael Kratsios has encouraged U.S. competition in emerging technologies. He also spearheaded U.S. entry into the G7 Global Partnership on A.I., a coalition that counters China’s influence over new artificial intelligence technology. 

Shortly after he left the University, Kratsios began working for billionaire investor Peter Thiel, first as Chief Financial Officer at Clarium Capital Management, which Thiel founded, and then as Principal and Chief of Staff at Thiel Capital. After the 2016 election, Thiel, perhaps President Donald Trump’s most vocal supporter in Silicon Valley, helped Kratsios land a place on Trump’s transition team.


The U.S. Senate unanimously confirmed Kratsios, who had been serving as Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer, as U.S. Chief Technology Officer in August 2019. He assumed a second role, as Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, in July 2020.

At Princeton, Kratsios concentrated in politics and received a certificate in Hellenic studies. He served as Editor-in-Chief and President of Business Today.