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In photos: A campus deserted

Zack Shevin / Daily Princetonian 

In photos: A campus deserted

The University’s directive for the overwhelming majority of students to depart campus has left classrooms, libraries, and public spaces deserted — over 90 percent of the undergraduate population has packed up and returned home for the rest of the semester. 

In this photoessay, The Daily Princetonian looks at hotspots of student life, sharply contrasted against the emptiness that filled the Orange Bubble on a rainy morning, just hours before the evacuation deadline on March 19.

1. A view of Firestone Plaza through East Pyne

2. Inside the Princeton University Chapel

3. Inside the dining hall at Mathey College

4. Henry Courtyard

5. Frist South Lawn

6. Frist Campus Center, Room 302

7. Scudder Plaza

8. Inside Frist Campus Center

9. Firestone Plaza

10. Inside the ‘Prince’ newsroom at 48 University Place

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