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Letter to the Editor: Pedestrian safety on Washington

To the Editor:

Speaking of jaywalking and pedestrian safety ("Students fined for jaywalking on Washington Road", March 8, 2018):


The crossing of Washington Road at Prospect Avenue is an accident, and possibly a death, waiting to happen.

Many pedestrians don't realize they will not be favored with a 'walk' signal to cross Washington if they don't press the button. They then cross anyway, technically jaywalking, while cars are turning. The cars, meanwhile, see a 'don't walk' signal and assume they have the right-of-way.

We have all seen the confusion and near-misses this causes. Please join me in imploring the university and the town to make the walk signal automatic before, rather than right after, the inevitable tragedy.

Brian Zack, M.D. is an alumnus of the Class of 1972. He can be reached at