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U. graduate students petition against taxation of tuition waivers

In this petition, Princeton University graduate students call upon the University to oppose currently proposed federal tax legislation, and to keep our take-home pay from decreasing in the event that such legislation passes. 

Currently, when graduate students in the US are charged tuition and – as is typical for PhD students – a university waives that charge, the federal government does not tax the waived tuition. This is logical: it does not make sense to impose an income tax on something that isn’t income we take home.


However, a bill recently proposed in the US House of Representatives, H.R. 1 “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” would introduce a tax on graduate student tuition waivers. This would raise the income tax we pay every year, perhaps by $9,000 or more, significantly lowering our take-home pay.

Legislation of this kind would make it even more difficult for graduate students to make ends meet, here at Princeton and at public and private universities across the country. Graduate education would become even less accessible, especially for students from low-wealth or working class backgrounds, students with children and other dependents, international students, and students of color.

While we appreciate Dean Crittenden’s communication that Princeton has expressed opposition to these measures, we are also aware that President Eisgruber and the University have opposed H.R. 1 in part because it would impose a tax on wealthy private university endowments, including Princeton’s.

For that reason, and because legislation like H.R. 1 would significantly cut our take-home pay and make life financially untenable for the vast majority of graduate students at Princeton and across the country, we seek these commitments from Princeton’s administration:

We, the undersigned graduate students of Princeton University, demand that President Eisgruber, Dean Crittenden, and the University administration commit to actively and vocally opposing any legislation that imposes a tax on graduate student tuition waivers. In particular, we demand that the administration commit to opposing any bill that would tax tuition waivers even if such a bill would not impose a tax on university endowments.

In the event that legislation is passed that does tax graduate student tuition waivers, we demand that Princeton’s administration commit to preserving our after-tax income at no less than its current level. The University is more than well-resourced enough for the administration to make this commitment even if it is not yet certain of the exact means by which it would do so. Whether the administration decides to change its accounting procedures, increase our stipends enough to offset  the tax, or use some other just and transparent method, we demand our take-home pay be preserved without increasing our housing fees, teaching/AI duties, or research responsibilities.


We call upon the administration to communicate promptly and clearly to Princeton graduate students its position regarding each of these commitments. 

Over 1,000 Princeton graduate students have signed this petition, which can be signed at The full list of signatories is below: 

Mai Alkhamissi Anthropology

Quincy Amoah Anthropology

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Grace Carey Anthropology

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Benjamin Fogarty Anthropology

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Kuo Zhao Chemistry

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Ina Simova Comparative Literature

Tomoko Slutsky Comparative Literature

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Grega Ulen Comparative Literature

Aia Yousef Comparative Literature

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Jordan Ash Computer Science

Zoe Ashwood Computer Science

Stephen Beard Computer Science

Chirag Bharadwaj Computer Science

Chirag Bharadwaj Computer Science

Diana Cai Computer Science

Yichen Chen Computer Science

Santiago Cuellar Computer Science

Greg Darnell Computer Science

Jordan Fix Computer Science

Sumegha Garg Computer Science

Kyle Genova Computer Science

Lance Goodridge Computer Science

Bridger Hahn Computer Science

Maciej Halber Computer Science

Austin Hounsel Computer Science

Wei Hu Computer Science

Mihir Kulkarni Computer Science

Seo Young Kyung Computer Science

Austin Le Computer Science

Zhiyuan Li Computer Science

Qipeng Liu Computer Science

Jennifer Louthan Computer Science

Robert MacDavid Computer Science

Yatin Manerkar Computer Science

Mark Martinez Computer Science

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Seyed Sobhan Mir Yoosefi Computer Science

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Prakash Murali Computer Science

Orestis Plevrakis Computer Science

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Claudia Roberts Computer Science

Muhammad Shahbaz Computer Science

Gautam Sharma Computer Science

Riley Simmons-Edler Computer Science

Riley Simmons-Edler Computer Science

Shuran Song Computer Science

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Caroline Trippel Computer Science

Matthew Weaver Computer Science

Jerry Wei Computer Science

Joshua Wetzel Computer Science

Natalie Wilkinson Computer Science

Nora Willett Computer Science

Matheus Venturyne Xavier Ferreira Computer Science

Matheus Venturyne Xavier Ferreira Computer Science

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Linguang Zhang Computer Science

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Yuanxin Chen East Asian Studies

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Matthew Grobis Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Olivia Guayasamin Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Elizabeth Heppenheimer Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Matthew Hutchinson Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Rutwik Kharkar Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Jacqueline Leung Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Wenying Liao Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Ian Miller Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Dylan Morris Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Sinead Morris Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Tong Mu Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Malavika Rajeev Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Maria Smith Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Julie Tierney Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Christopher K. Tokita Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Isaac Uyehara Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Liana Wait Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Aaron Wolf Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Lu Yang Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Luojun Yang Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Charlotte Chang Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Zoe Volenec Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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Yann Koby Economcis

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Patrick Agte Economics

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Kirill Rudov Economics

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Denis Shishkin Economics

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Elisa Jacome Economics

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Mert Al Electrical Engineering

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Abdullah Guler Electrical Engineering

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Eric Medawar History

Ariana Myers History

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Pallavi Podapati History

Elisa Prosperetti History

Pablo Pryluka History

Amna Qayyum History

Jonathan Quann History

Kalyani Ramnath History

Jonathan Raspe History

Sucharita Ray History

Felix Rietmann History

David Robertson History

Morgan Robinson History

Benjamin Sacks History

Jaime Sanchez History

Abigail Sargent History

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Jeremy Schneider History

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Hollis Shaul History

Shelby Sinclair History

Geneva Smith History

Joseph Snyder History

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Weiyu Li Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Jason Liu Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Ying Liu Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Udari Madhushani Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Justice Mason Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Renato Pagliara Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Christopher Peters Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Kahwaji Remi Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Jacob Simmonds Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Rahul Sridhar Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Emre Turkoz Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Joe Tylka Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Yibin Zhang Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Hao Zhao Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Timothy Chen Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Kerry Klemmer Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Hongtao Zhong Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Weidong Han Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORFE)

Samy Jelassi Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORFE)

Ga Yeong Lee Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORFE)

Xiaoyue Li Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORFE)

Kun Lu Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORFE)

Cong Ma Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORFE)

Guillaume Martinet Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORFE)

Elahesadat Naghib Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORFE)

Elahesadat Naghib Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORFE)

Thomas Pumir Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORFE)

Daneil Thomas Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORFE)

Zhuoran Yang Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORFE)

Jing Ye Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORFE)

Yiqiao Zhong Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORFE)

Ziwei Zhu Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORFE)

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Ian Campbell Philosophy

Sam Clarke Philosophy

Eliya Cohen Philosophy

Rachel Cristy Philosophy

Claudia Dumitru Philosophy

Brett Karlan Philosophy

Daniel kranzelbinder Philosophy

Kyle Landrum Philosophy

Camilo Martinez Philosophy

Alexander Meehan Philosophy

Patrick Miller Philosophy

Alejandro Naranjo Sandoval Philosophy

Christopher Register Philosophy

Domenica Romagni Philosophy

David Schroeren Philosophy

Gabriel Shapiro Philosophy

Joy Shim Philosophy

Timothy Stoll Philosophy

Yuan Zhang Philosophy

Samuel Fullhart Philosophy

Eleanor Gordon-Smith Philosophy

Mark Harris Philosophy

Aarthy Vaidyanathan Philosophy

Jaan Altosaar Physics

A. Stevie Bergman Physics

Damon Binder Physics

Sarah Marie Bruno Physics

Kevin Crowley Physics

Remy Delva Physics

Wentao Fan Physics

Gelareh Farahi Physics

Anne Gambrel Physics

Tong Gao Physics

Akash Goel Physics

Elmer Guardado-Sanchez Physics

Erin Healy Physics

Samuel Higginbotham Physics

Caroline Holmes Physics

Po-Shen Hsin Physics

Himanshu Khanchandani Physics

Himanshu Khanchandani Physics

Jaeuk Kim Physics

Vladimir Kirilin Physics

Sihang Liang Physics

Henry Lin Physics

Jingyu Luo Physics

Grace McKenzie-Smith Physics

Kelvin Mei Physics

Adam Mills Physics

Siddharth Mishra-Sharma Physics

Debayan Mitra Physics

Alan Morningstar Physics

Matthew Moschella Physics

Kevin Nuckolls Physics

Fedor Popov Physics

Nick Quirk Physics

Connor Richards Physics

Samuel Saskin Physics

Emilie Storer Physics

Nikolay Sukhov Physics

Jim Wu Physics

Xin Xiang Physics

Fan Xiao Physics

Fang Xie Physics

Akshay Yelleshpur Srikant Physics

Junyi Zhang Physics

Xuanzi Zhang Physics

Vladimir Kirilin Physics

Zheng Ma Physics

Wenli Zhao Physics

Eugene Evans Plasma Physics

Deepen Garg Plasma Physics

Brian Kraus Plasma Physics

Jeff Lestz Plasma Physics

Eduardo Rodríguez Plasma Physics

Hongxuan Zhu Plasma Physics

Elizabeth Baisley Politics

Daniela Barba Sanchez Politics

Beatriz Barros Politics

John Chambers Politics

Shuk Ying Chan Politics

Stephanie Chan Politics

Zenobia Chan Politics

Killian Clarke Politics

Chaya Crowder Politics

Théophile Deslauriers Politics

Harris Doshay Politics

Ted Enamorado Politics

Beatriz Hayes Meizoso Politics

Katherine Ingram Politics

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Dongxian Jiang Politics

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Kabir Khanna Politics

Lauren Konken Politics

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Erin Miller Politics

Sayumi Miyano Politics

Gaetan Nandong Politics

Jade Ngo Politics

Andrew Proctor Politics

Lucia Rafanelli Politics

Tanika Raychaudhuri Politics

David Ribar Politics

Esther Robinson Politics

José María Rodríguez Valadez Politics

James Sasso Politics

Rachel Bailey Scott Politics

Sondre Ulvund Solstad Politics

Johan Andreas Trovik Politics

Elsa Voytas Politics

Derek Wakefield Politics

Ian Walling Politics

Bella Wang Politics

Yang-Yang Zhou Politics

Meir Alkon Politics/Woodrow Wilson School

Anastasia Korolkova Population Studies (POP)

Diego Pacheco Princeton Neuroscience Institute

Yeon Soon Shin Princeton Neuroscience Institute

Yuan Shi Princeton Plasma Physics Lab (PPPL)

Qian Teng Princeton Plasma Physics Lab (PPPL)

Jiequn Han Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics

Ruying Bao Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics (PACM)

Christy Graves Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics (PACM)

Amit Halevi Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics (PACM)

Sophie Spirkl Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics (PACM)

Uno Vaaland Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics (PACM)

Qingcan Wang Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics (PACM)

Ian Ochs Program in Plasma Physics

Branden Bio Psychology

Robin Gomila Psychology

Sarah Hutter Psychology

Gary Kane Psychology

Qihong Lu psychology

Joel Martinez Psychology

Abigail Novick Psychology

Dong Won Oh Psychology

Jessica Schwab Psychology

Karina Tachihara Psychology

Sherry Wu Psychology

Samantha Floyd Psychology

Jordan Starck Psychology

Andrew Wilson Psychology/Neuroscience

Angela Radulescu Psychology/Neuroscience

Francine Camacho Quantitative and Computational Biology

Samuel Cho Quantitative and Computational Biology

Olivia Chu Quantitative and Computational Biology

Bianca Dumitrascu Quantitative and Computational Biology

Chenyi Fei Quantitative and Computational Biology

Micah Fletcher Quantitative and Computational Biology

Ariel Gewirtz Quantitative and Computational Biology

Daniel Lee Quantitative and Computational Biology

Mochi Liu Quantitative and Computational Biology

Jaime Lopez Quantitative and Computational Biology

Michel Nofal Quantitative and Computational Biology

Patrick Reilly Quantitative and Computational Biology

Sagar Setru Quantitative and Computational Biology

Cassidy Yang Quantitative and Computational Biology

Prakriti Paul Quantitative and Computational Biology/Computer Science

Prakriti Paul Quantitative and Computational Biology/Computer Science

Abraham Berkovitz Religion

Shira Billet Religion

Eden Consenstein Religion

Nyle Fort Religion

Madeline Gambino Religion

Emily Goshey Religion

Ahmad Greene-Hayes Religion

Judah Isseroff Religion

Yitz Landes Religion

Nura Sophia Liepsner Religion

Mary Nickel Religion

Emma Thompson Religion

Pascal Wenz Religion

Nareman Amin Religion

Daniel May Religion

Andrew Walker-Cornetta Religion

Rami Kanafani School of Architecture

Christopher Crawford Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy (STEP), Woodrow Wilson School

Jeongseok Lee Security Studies

Gabriella Ferrari Slavic Languages and Literatures

Gabriella Ferrari Slavic Languages and Literatures

Elizaveta Mankovskaya Slavic Languages and Literatures

Lev Nikulin Slavic Languages and Literatures

Charles Swank Slavic Languages and Literatures

Olga Zolotareva Slavic Languages and Literatures

Cary Beckwith Sociology

Rachel Brown-Weinstock Sociology

Colleen Campbell Sociology

Parijat Chakrabarti Sociology

Jeremy Cohen Sociology

Sharon Cornelissen Sociology

Nino Cricco Sociology

Kathleen Donnelly Sociology

Xinyi Duan Sociology

Linsey Edwards Sociology

Diana Enriquez Sociology

Chris Felton Sociology

Leah Gillion Sociology

Liora Goldensher Sociology

Henry Gomory Sociology

Heba Gowayed Sociology

Gozde Guran Sociology

Ferdose Idris Sociology

Samantha Jaroszewski Sociology

Kalyani Jayasankar Sociology

Hadiya Jones Sociology

Allison Kenney Sociology

Alex Kindel Sociology

Andres Lajous Sociology

Herrissal Lamothe Sociology

Sophia Li Sociology

Larry Liu Sociology

John Maldonado Sociology

Vivek Nemana Sociology

Shay O'Brien Sociology

Nicole Pangborn Sociology

Ryan Parsons Sociology

Vance Puchalski Sociology

Sarah Reibstein Sociology

Leah Reisman Sociology

Emilce Santana Sociology

David Schwartz Sociology

Gillian Slee Sociology

Mélanie Terrasse Sociology

Ziyao Tian Sociology

Maria Unzueta Sociology

Daniela Urbina Julio Sociology

Sharon Villagran Sociology

Hannah Waight Sociology

A. Jason Windawi Sociology

Janet Xu Sociology

Vicki Yang Sociology

Han Zhang Sociology

Megan Blanchard Sociology and Social Policy

Yasmina Aidi Spanish and Portuguese

Diego Baena Spanish and Portuguese

Marina Bedran Spanish and Portuguese

Ingrid Brioso Rieumont Spanish and Portuguese

Veronica Carchedi Spanish and Portuguese

Miguel Dominguez Spanish and Portuguese

Jorge Gaupp Berghausen Spanish and Portuguese

Jannia Gómez González Spanish and Portuguese

Ryan Goodman Spanish and Portuguese

Charlie Hankin Spanish and Portuguese

J. Eli Melgar Spanish and Portuguese

Juan Diego Pérez Spanish and Portuguese

Paula Perez-Rodriguez Spanish and Portuguese

Lizabel Villares Plasencia Spanish and Portuguese

Berts Del Rio Alcala Spanish and Portuguese

Sean McFadden Spanish and Portuguese

Sophia Nuñez Spanish and Portuguese

Somya Bajaj Woodrow Wilson School

Jennifer Bulley Woodrow Wilson School

Ileana Cruz Woodrow Wilson School

Julieta Cuéllar Woodrow Wilson School

Joelle Gamble Woodrow Wilson School

Aung Hein Woodrow Wilson School

Abyssinia Lissanu Woodrow Wilson School

Mayank Misra Woodrow Wilson School

Jaime Najarro Woodrow Wilson School

Jessica Sarriot Woodrow Wilson School

Ayumi Teraoka Woodrow Wilson School

Samantha Adelberg Woodrow Wilson School

Lindsey Andersen Woodrow Wilson School

Somya Bajaj Woodrow Wilson School

Paloma Bellatin Nieto Woodrow Wilson School

Hélène Benveniste Woodrow Wilson School

Margo Berends Woodrow Wilson School

Emily Chen Woodrow Wilson School

Sebastian Devlin-Foltz Woodrow Wilson School

Katherine Elgin Woodrow Wilson School

Seleeke Flingai Woodrow Wilson School

Varsha Gandikota Woodrow Wilson School

Sakari Ishetiar Woodrow Wilson School

David Logan Woodrow Wilson School

Leyla Mocan Woodrow Wilson School

Tiffany Peterson Woodrow Wilson School

Yue Qin Woodrow Wilson School

Tom Stanley-Becker Woodrow Wilson School

Zachary Zappone Woodrow Wilson School