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Letter to the Editor: Princeton IDF veterans support the decision of J Street U to host Breaking the Silence

As members of the Princeton community and as veterans of the Israel Defense Forces, we, the undersigned, support J Street U’s decision to host Breaking the Silence.

In these times, when basic freedoms are under threat in the United States and abroad, it is imperative that campuses and Jewish communities serve as beacons of tolerance and understanding, and that we allow for conflicting points of view, some of which may be challenging, to coalesce in one community. While not all of us agree with the entirety of Breaking the Silence’s work or positions, we understand the value of their mission and feel that it is important that Princeton students be exposed to their stories.


Having served in the IDF and having lived in Israel for much of our lives, we have all witnessed the profoundly complex and tragic reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is our belief that it is of utmost importance for Israelis and North American Jews to confront the different layers of the conflict with honesty and openness. No single organization or person can fully address every viewpoint and every experience that relates to an issue as complicated as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The exhibition of Breaking the Silence is, of course, similarly limited, yet it will provide the student body with an important window into the realities of life in the West Bank as the occupation soon enters its 50th year. We strongly encourage everyone to visit the exhibition.

Yitz Landes, GS1, Religion

Teddy Fassberg, GS3, Classics

Iris Samuels, ‘19, Politics

Amit Gvaryahu, VSRC, Religion

Marc Volovici, GS6, History


Prof. Yair Mintzker, History

Prof. Yael Niv, Princeton Neuroscience Institute and Psychology Department

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