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What's hot on campus?

Event: Pace Center Presents 'Poetic Justice' Open Mic

Are you passionate about social justice and civic engagement? Are you interested in hearing, seeing and witnessing what your peers have to say about social justice? Tonight at infini-T, the "Poetic Justice" Open Mic will offer an opportunity for group performance, solo performance and personal reflection. Slam poetry group Ellipses and a cappella group Umqombothi will be performing. At the end of the show, there will be an open mic for any in attendance to share an respond to the night. There will be a variety of food and drink including sweet potato chili, cupcakes, chai tea and many herbal teas. Be a part of the conversation.

infini-T Cafe and Spice Souk

Thursday, 8 p.m.


Dance: Naacho presents “Junoon (FEVER!)”

If you’re one of the lucky ducks who has yet to come down with a cold, the flu or measles this winter, then you'll really want to go to "Junoon," Naacho's spring semester show. "Junoon" (it means "FEVER!") will feature a number of different dance styles, includingbollywood, classical, fusion, raas and bhangra. Even if you have already come down with something, this is the kind of fever you'll want to get again from what promises to be a sick show.

Frist Film & Performance Theatre

Thursday and Friday, 8 p.m.

Saturday, 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Event: Princeton Caribbean Connection presents "Taste of Carnival"

Dance the night away at “Taste of Carnival,” presented by the Princeton Caribbean Connection with the hopes of bringing Carnival to you. The night opens with a live performance by the Higher Levin Steel Pan Band, followed by a Samba routine by the Princeton Ballroom Club. At11:30 p.m.a guest DJ will take over as the after party begins and Mas Flow performs their best. With live bands, great Caribbean food and tons of dancing, you’ll get to learn about Caribbean history by immersing yourself directly in what the Caribbean does best —party!

Fields Center

Friday, 9 p.m.


Comedy: All-Nighter with Eliot Linton Episode 4

You know the drill: All-Nighter host Eliot Linton ’15 and co-host Jake Robertson ’15 are going to say and do things that will make you chuckle heartily, do “Late Night”-style interviews with people doing rad things and tell you to please welcome talented studentsto the stage.In this month’s episode, the people doing rad things are activists & CPUC Task Force members Brandon Holt ’15, Naimah Hakim ’16 and Destiny Crockett ’17 and also grown-up guestTim Vasen, director of the Program in Theater. The talents are the honey-voiced duo Baker & Goods and bringer of “big ditties” Alex Morton ’15.

Frist Film/Performance Theatre

Friday, 11:30 p.m.