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USG social chair defends donation of Lawnparties proceeds

USG social chair Logan Roth '15 defended the committee's decision to donate proceeds from Spring Lawnparties at the Senate meeting on Sunday.

Responding to an audience member’s question, Roth replied that “that specific charity was chosen by a team of people on the social committee, and we chose it because it was local, education-based, and we thought they did very good work.” He cited TEAM Charter Schools’ high matriculation rates and work in extremely impoverished areas as examples of the "good work" they provide.


“I understand it’s somewhat politically controversial but I’ve said this before, I didn’t think it would be sensational, but this is a pilot year,” Roth said. “I’m so happy that students actually care. My worry was that students wouldn’t care, so next fall, I’m happy to take student input.”

U-Council Chair Elan Kugelmass ’14 reiterated that no student funds will go to this charity, and that students who choose to buy merchandise will be knowingly supporting TEAM Charter Schools and that the USG’s choice to work with this charity doesn’t imply complete support of every aspect of TEAM Charter Schools.

The senate moved into executive session for a private discussion with Deputy Dean of Undergraduate Students Thomas Dunne for an update from Roth about the social committee’s work.

IT committee chair Clement Lee ’17 reported that ICE and Tigerapps went down.princetonusg.comwas also down and is currently experiencing difficulties. Google Chrome has blocked the site, apparently due to malware. Lee said that as a result, the IT committee’s sole focus is going to be on preventing these issues in the future.

Chief Elections Manager Amara Nnaeto '17 noted that 34 people are running for positions this year. Kugelmass expressed a concern about involvement after seeing that there are nine uncontested races for positions within the class councils. Nnaeto said an email releasing candidates’ names will be sent out to students on Monday.

Additionally, Class of 2015 Senator Nihar Madhavan presented findings from a survey sent out via USG email regarding dining options for independent students.


Madhavan said students who responded were very opinionated. He and his team said they are planning to increase student grocery access by expanding an existing program at the 2 Dickinson St. vegetarian co-op which lets 30 independent students add grocery orders to 2D’s order. They are planning to pilot cooking classes for independent students in May.

U-Councilor Sol Taubin ’16, the project leader for Conversations, a project meant to facilitate discussions on identity reported that plans have been solidified for an event on May 1. Taubin said 25 facilitators are expected to participate from various partner groups such as ODUS, the LGBT Center, the Fields Center and the Women’s Center, as well as from other identity-focused groups.

The Senate approved a request from USG president Shawon Jackson '15 to form an Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity and Institutional Equity to generate recommendations about ways to improve campus diversity and equity. Jackson said the committee would be expected to develop diversity leadership training, help centralize diversity resources, encourage open dialogue and more.

The public session senate meeting was also followed by a second executive session to discuss the COMBO IV report and additional social committee concerns.

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