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One student was taken to McCosh Health Center and another to the University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro for alcohol intoxication this weekend. These hospitalizations occurred during the same weekend as some eating clubs pickups.

This year’s figures, provided by the Department of Public Safety, are significantly lower than those of past years during similar weekends. In 2013, six students were taken to McCosh and four to UMCPP; five of those students were under the age of 21. In 2011, three students were taken to McCosh and eight to UMCPP, while in 2010, three students were admitted to McCosh and two to UMCPP.

These numbers coincided with pickups of non-Bicker clubs Cloister Inn, Colonial Club, Quadrangle Club and Terrace Club, which accept students based on a sign-in policy rather than by holding Bicker and discussions. The six Bicker clubs on campus, Cannon Dial Elm Club, Cap & Gown Club, Tiger Inn, Ivy Club, Tower Club and Cottage Club, will have pickups later this week.

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