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Winnie Brandfield-Harvey


What my parents taught me

“No brothers?” is the typical first response, when I tell people that I have four sisters, followed by condolences for my dad. Often, these comments came from other parents, especially those with sons.

Poking holes in the bubble

Some days I love being sucked into this Princeton dimension. Staying up late in Firestone, surrounded by many other students who are in the same boat. Walking back to my room at midnight without feeling the need to look over my shoulder. And yet, some other days, I realize I haven’t called my mom in a week. I have no idea what is happening in the news. I am not keeping track of all the money I am spending so casually with my prox.

Being clean is dope

The IOC should take serious measures to cleanse Russia’s committee of corruption, as well as to  check thoroughly the systems of other countries, but banning Russian athletes completely would be unfair. The results of their commitments shouldn’t depend on the results of others’ crimes.