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Samuel Parsons


Closing the (loop)hole

It disappoints me to see that a fellow Princetonian would fail to empathize with his international peers, or at least to see the nonsense behind the U.S. government’s attempts at “improving” its immigration system.

Looking for grad student writers

To continue the conversation among the graduate student community, the section is looking for regular contributing columnists.

Representative referenda

April’s referenda came and went with no great shock to the University community. Neither the appeal to divest from private prisons nor the call to create a taskforce to reevaluate disciplinary action around the Honor Code succeeded.

In favor of academic integrity

Princeton is not like other universities. Among the myriad of new and unique experiences the Class of 2020 will have is the surprising and impressive level of trust that the University places in the academic honesty of its students.

Shunning our own

Princeton has one of the oldest, strongest and most connected alumni networks of the world’s higher education institutions, a pleasant reality that we are reminded of every year when we place the second largest annual beer order in the US for our Reunions celebrations.

The politics behind political rhetoric

The President of the United States has historically been regarded as the most powerful individual in the world, and that perception holds true in many ways today.

A social Honor Code

January’s blizzard dumped an impressive snowy deposit for New Jersey. Casting my mind back to that wintry Friday night, I remember that the falling snow did nothing to dwindle the number of eager partygoers flocking to Prospect.

Tall poppy syndrome

The school system back in Australia is a little different, especially in how we’re tested and how we’re prepared for the college application process.