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Refugee Resettlement Organizations Across U.S. Prepare for Historically Low Refugee Cap

Refugee agencies across the nation are bracing themselves for President Trump’s presidential deliberation on the refugee cap for the coming fiscal year. An official decision is due on Oct. 1, but the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that the cap will be lowered to 45,000.  This would be a drastic cut from the 110,000 permitted under the 2016 fiscal year budget, and the lowest ever since the Refugee Act was signed into law in 1980.

Graduate students disagree with U. that new daycare is affordable

Many graduate students with children disagreed with a University press release that claimed that the new on-campus facility for the University-National Organization for Women Day Nursery will make affordable childcare more accessible to all members of the University community.  

U. opens new daycare facility to meet faculty childcare needs

“Knowing your children are safe, loved, and well-cared for is a tremendous benefit for any parent,” she said.” Bertrand explained that UNOW focuses on play-based learning, consistency, and -- as listed in their mission statement -- “nurturing all aspects of each child’s development.”

U. students, affiliates react to events in Charlottesville

“The question of the day was who was pepper-spraying who?” he said. McElwee interviewed several counter protesters who were pepper-sprayed, implying that pepper spray had been used by the white nationalist protesters, but he stressed that he couldn’t be certain.

Princeton Citizen Scientists meet with legislators in D.C.

Members of the Princeton Citizen Scientists find the lack of American lawmakers with science backgrounds shocking, so on May 1, the group traveled to Washington, D.C., to advocate for evidence-based policymaking and met with 22 legislators or their staffers.

Graduate students receive update on unionization

On Monday night, four panelists from NYU and Rutgers shared their experience with higher education unions and encouraged University graduate students to unionize. Last October, graduate students voted to affiliate their union, Princeton Graduate Students United (PGSU), with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). Now, PGSU organizers are holding meetings and events to gather feedback on the union’s potential future. This will involve whether they continue with the process of unionization by holding elections for representatives, gaining recognition from the University, and negotiating a contract.