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Rose Gilbert


Florence brings rain to NJ, floods Carolinas

After wreaking havoc in the Carolinas, Hurricane Florence continued to move north into the tri-state area as a “low-pressure system,” bringing with it the rain that hit Princeton yesterday afternoon. Given recent heavy rainfall in the area, Princeton could see some flooding, but it’s not predicted to be dangerous.

When Bob Durkee ’69 broke the news about going co-ed, it was a ‘bombshell’ story

Robert K. Durkee ’69 is the Vice President and Secretary of the University, but in May of 1967, he was the news writer for The Daily Princetonian who broke the story that President Robert Goheen thought “coeducation was inevitable” at the all-male University. Durkee said that while student opinion steadily shifted in favor of coeducation, President Goheen’s claim about the inevitability of coeducation was a “bombshell.” 

Inclusion Campaign hosts panel on segregation, white flight

“When I think of segregation, I think of my own young life,” Diane Campbell said. “When I was six months old,” she continued, “my mother took me up in her lap and got on a bus and moved from South Carolina to Trenton, New Jersey. We had to ride at the back of the bus. When we got to the Mason-Dixon line my mother made a point of standing up and moving and, for the first time in her life, she rode in the front of the bus.”

Hundreds turn out for gun control protest at Frist

On Wednesday at noon, several hundred students, professors, and Princeton residents gathered outside Frist Campus Center to call for increased gun control in the wake of the Valentine’s Day high school shooting that killed 17 people in Parkland, Fla. Hosted by Princeton Advocates for Justice, the rally was named “We Call BS.”

Whig-Clio hosts debate over Rosen's use of the word n****r

“They got through this entire debate without using the N-word. Why didn’t they use the N-word? Because it’s not appropriate! I don’t think that the professor had to use the word in order to have some kind of educational experience. You can just say ‘the N-word,’” Shafaq Khan ‘21 said.

PSRJ provides "Guide to McCosh"

PSRJ President Jessica Quinter ‘18 explained that the guide has been several years in the making and provides detailed information about both what services are available to University students and important information on common sexual health issues, like STIs.

Eisgruber to hold CPUC meeting following second annual President's Letter

Next Monday, President Eisgruber will hold this year’s annual Town Hall meeting of the Council of the Princeton University Community. The meeting will be based on President Eisgruber’s second annual President’s Letter to the community, a tradition the President began last February. The annual letter provides the University community with a regular update on how the University has changed over the course of the year, and includes goals it has set for the future.