Rose Gilbert


Graduate students receive update on unionization

On Monday night, four panelists from NYU and Rutgers shared their experience with higher education unions and encouraged University graduate students to unionize. Last October, graduate students voted to affiliate their union, Princeton Graduate Students United (PGSU), with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). Now, PGSU organizers are holding meetings and events to gather feedback on the union’s potential future. This will involve whether they continue with the process of unionization by holding elections for representatives, gaining recognition from the University, and negotiating a contract.

Pyne Prize awarded to Gold, Salazar

Solveig Gold, ‘17, and Marisa Salazar, ‘17, were named co-winners of the 2017 Moses Tyler Pyne Honor Prize Feb. 16, the highest general honor awarded to undergraduates by the University.

U. professors reflect on Fidel Castro's legacy, U. - Cuba relations

"Understanding the revolution is further complicated by the fact that Fidel Castro was a polarizing figure, so not only is he leading the extremely polarizing historical process of the revolution, but within that, he’s an extremely polarizing figure," López-Denis said. "You need to move away from the polarizing elements to understand the revolution’s complexity.”

USLC unanimously passes proposal in favor of gender-neutral housing

The University Student Life Committee unanimously passed a proposal on Wednesday to expand gender-neutral housing on campus.  Previously only dorms with at least one more room than the number of inhabitants were gender-neutral, making only ten percent of undergraduate housing gender neutral.

Teach-in supports gender-neutral housing proposal

At 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, more than forty students gathered outside Frist Campus center to support the gender neutral housing proposal that the University Student Life Committee will vote on tomorrow.

U. students rally for candidates in both parties

Throughout the 2016 presidential election, many University students of every political creed have worked to further their ideals, whether alone, as a part of an on-campus organization, or on social media. Since this past August, the Princeton College Republicans have taken a neutral stance on Republican nominee Donald Trump.