Rachel Kennedy



In defense of Ram Trucks’ MLK Super Bowl ad

Super Bowl Sunday is essentially an American holiday. Rocky-Mathey dining hall featured a game day meal of wings, chili, and guacamole, and every TV on campus streamed in to the biggest day in sports. Some watch for the game, but some stick around just for the commercials. Companies are willing to pay NBC about 5 million dollars per every 30 seconds. Car company Ram Trucks invested heavily in a minute long slot for their ad featuring a recording of a sermon delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., 50 years ago to the day. With his voice serving as the only audio, quick blips of a Ram truck trudging through mud spliced various scenes of service work.

The case for a short break

Three weeks is enough time to see the important people in one’s life, but not enough to fully slip into the routines of home again.

What do we do with the terrible and talented?

About a week ago, I had a conversation with a friend about the movie “Baby Driver.” My friend refused to see it because, according to him, “Kevin Spacey is in it and it turns out he’s a terrible man.” My friend is right: Kevin Spacey is a terrible man. But he’s still one of my favorite actors. The fact that he abused teenage boys, then reacted to their testimonies by coming out as homosexual deeply angers me. Yet none of this removes “American Beauty” from my Top 10 Movies List. 

It should be easier to get to New York City

The university has no control over the fares of New Jersey Transit or Megabus, but could facilitate a more cost effective and efficient way for students to get to the city.