Jared Shulkin


Why extensions violate your academic rights

If the group of students who prioritize a course are the ones negatively affected by a professor’s decision, then that decision is wrong and unjust. So long as deadlines are announced early and made clear to all students, last minute changes to these deadlines should not be made.

Princeton students are not risk-averse

Princeton experiences are shaped by exploring passions and interests as much as the University allows, while careers come into play naturally almost as if they’re afterthoughts.

Do away with the Frist ticket office

If you have ever walked into Frist to find a long line running around several corners, it’s probably a line for the Frist ticket office. The office provides tickets for various campus events and performances, but it does not do so without flaw.

Ivy Madness is fair

For the first year, every Division I basketball conference hosted a tournament for an automatic bid to the NCAA Division I Basketball Championships.

Shrek interrupted my Princeton tour

On Friday, Feb. 17, I observed the most exciting college tour of my life. As a prospective Orange Key tour guide, I must observe several tours of campus — a dull requirement, for the most part.

Laptop misusers in the classroom

The use of laptop computers in the classroom is a subject of mixed opinion. Fully equipped with note-taking software, word processors, eBooks, Blackboard, Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, Youtube, iTunes, and much, much more, laptops can be very effective learning tools.