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Daily Princetonian Editorial Board


Our diversity and what we can do about it

To evaluate The Daily Princetonian against the University, the Board circulated a 10-question survey to the entire staff, which is comprised of undergraduate students. Approximately two-thirds of the staff responded to the survey. By closely studying the results, we have identified where the ‘Prince’ lags behind, and we have developed plans to rectify these shortcomings.

Editorial: Elections without consequence

In a break from tradition, the Board refrains from endorsing a candidate in the USG presidential election, advocating instead for the reform of the USG election system.

Editorial: On U. Trustee Bob Hugin

University Trustee Bob Hugin ’76, who has made inflammatory remarks on the inclusion of women and LGBTQ+ individuals in the eating clubs, is now running for U.S. Senator from New Jersey. President Eisgruber has defended Hugin as a “terrific trustee for this University.” The Board calls on Hugin to prove he is the person Eisgruber believes him to be.

Editorial: Upholding free and independent college journalism

Student journalists — at The Daily Princetonian and elsewhere — are the future of the democratic free press. We commend the hundreds of editorial boards nationwide who have written articles last week combating attacks on American journalism. Quilted together on the front page of The New York Times, these editorials send a strong message: journalists will not back down.

Editorial: How Women Became Tigers

Despite progress for women on campus, the University has a long way to go in addressing sexual misconduct, combating misogyny on male sports teams, and rectifying the lack of female mentors.

Editorial: Vote YES on Honor Code Reform

Two years after the last referendum on the Honor Committee failed to reach threshold limitations, it is time for a concrete change in policy.  Each of the four referenda on the ballot this election cycle proposes an important change to the Constitution of the Honor System. While the language could be more specific, the proposals represent an honest effort to reform a dangerously flawed honor system, and we urge students to vote for them.

Editorial: Vote Yee for USG President

This Board welcomes the opportunity to continue in the tradition of formally endorsing a candidate for President of Undergraduate Student Government. In the Winter 2017 election cycle, the three candidates for President are: Matt Miller ’19, Ryan Ozminkowski ’19, and Rachel Yee ’19. After careful consideration of each candidate's platform, the Board endorses Rachel Yee for USG President. 

Sexual misconduct and the abuse of power

In the midst of a national conversation on sexual misconduct and the abuses of power by national figures like Harvey Weinstein and others, it should hardly surprise us to learn (or perhaps, remember) that academia is home to perpetrators of sexual misconduct as well. A university’s hierarchical organization enables those in authority to exploit vulnerable individuals in the hierarchy, often without consequence. 

Editorial: Ensuring due process in sexual misconduct cases

As sexual assault has become an issue of increasing concern on college campuses and in national politics, the Board has advocated proposals to help prevent assault at Princeton and encouraged students to take the We Speak survey. We must consider a related issue with equal concern: how the University can ensure a fair, impartial process as it adjudicates alleged sexual misconduct.