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Christian protesters on campus spark vehement student response

A small group of Christian protesters amassed outside of the Wilson School across Washington Road Tuesday afternoon. The protest consisted of a few men holding signs that read “Jesus or Hellfire,” “Gamers are Murderers,” “Feminists are Whores,” and “Women Belong in the Kitchen.” The men voiced their ideas at various passersby, declaring that they were “failing at life” and “being a disappointment to God.”

New monologues let students talk about struggles with eating disorders

“I believe that everybody could take advantage of going to a therapist, I think everybody could take advantage of going to a nutritionist, and I think everyone has, to some extent, an unhealthy relationship with food,” Feig said. “I think that the more we talk about that, the more we realize that, the more we provide support for each other, and provide spaces that are safe to express those anxieties.”

CPS wait times heavily reduced to six days

The average wait time for appointments used to be one to two weeks, with some students experiencing up to three-week wait times.  The shortening of the initial consultation allows more students to be seen at a faster rate.

U. hosts third annual Ivy League Mental Health Conference

“Last year, the goal was to create institutional change. We had a lot of good discussions,” said USG President Rachel Yee ’19. “But there was no follow up, no mechanisms put in place to make sure that the work would actually happen, and that was our goal. I think we can do that better.”

Panel discusses impact of twentieth-century wars on the University

“All of the sudden in 1945, four black students show up on campus,” said University Trustee Robert Rivers. “There were a lot of questions among the Princeton University alumni, but there was a lot of joy . . . and it was a major, major thing for young black folks in the town. They were heroes.”

Alumnus Peruvian President narrowly avoids impeachment

Last year's recipient of the James Madison Medal, given to an alumnus who achieved a distinguished career in public service or advanced the graduate education program, was Pedro Pablo Kuczynski ‘61, current president of Peru. Since receiving the award, however, Kuczynski has experienced a fall from grace. 

Princeton now has its own dating app

The University dating app, Prospect, is out on the iOS store — just in time for Valentine’s Day. Similar to dating apps like Tinder, “Prospect: Find Your Tiger” allows users to privately message one another after establishing mutual interest.