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Benjamin Ball


Leaked Title IX proposals could clash with current University policy

A leaked proposal from the Department of Education obtained by the New York Times included Title IX regulations and procedures that would contradict the current Title IX policies at the University under “Rights, Rules, Responsibilities.” The leaked proposal would require that universities only adjudicate allegations of sexual misconduct that take place on campus or in campus-related programs. As an example, the Times wrote that this proposal would not include incidents in off-campus parties.

University implements mental health bystander intervention training

The University has officially implemented Kognito, an online program devoted to mental health awareness, and has made the program mandatory for all incoming first-years. The Kognito Program is a 35-minute bystander intervention training program meant to teach students how to recognize signs of mental health distress in their peers and how to effectively intervene. The program uses avatars to lead students through certain role-play situations, teaching them how to respond to the needs of their friends and effectively connect them to help.

Six new trustees, including Jemison ’18, elected to Board

Myesha Jemison ’18 is one of six new trustees recently elected to the Board of Trustees. She is joined by Joshua Bolten ’76, Kimberly Johnson ’95, Marco Tablada ’93, Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo ’87, and Craig Robinson ’83. According to Jemison and Bolten, the diversity of the newest cohort of trustees means they're well-equipped to guide and support the University's goals.

Remembering Dr. Adel Mahmoud, a leader in global health

An innovator in the world of vaccines, Mahmoud was known for his focus on saving lives and his consistent empathy. After creating better and more widely available vaccines as the president of Merck Vaccines and Case Western Reserve University’s department of medicine, Mahmoud would go on to join the University community as a professor, brightening the days of colleagues and students alike.

Notable moments from the 2017-2018 year

Significant administrative changes such as certificate opportunities, calendar reform, and student advocacy on issues such as honor code reform will leave a lasting legacy for future students.