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Benjamin Ball


U. receives ‘D’ on mental health report, condemns report's findings

The study report — titled “The Ruderman White Paper on Mental Health in the Ivy League” —  gave the University a “D” and claimed that the University’s policies pertaining to leave of absence were often unclear and, at worst, discriminatory. The paper focused on the leave of absence policies for each Ivy League school and argued that the language of the policies leads to discrimination against students.

Student starts most exclusive eating club yet

Jim Olaf ’19 was never a fan of the Bicker process. He found the process overall morally disingenuous, vaguely illiberal, and almost entirely lacking in empathy. But Olaf had a vision: a process that, instead, would be morally reprehensible, completely illiberal, and entirely lacking empathy.

PSAFE adds bait bikes to catch thieves

As part of the Bait Bikes Program, Public Safety will provide registered bike riders with stickers that say “This Could Be a Bait Bike: Think Before You Steal” so potential thieves will not know which bikes are being tracked.