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Welcome back to The Prospect

The entrance of the newsroom
48 University Place, Home of the Daily Princetonian
Benjamin Ball / The Daily Princetonian

The section currently known as The Prospect has seen many changes over the last few years. Initially envisioned as “The Street,” the section was featured as a weekly addition to the Friday print issue, detailing different arts-and-culture-related events happening over the weekend and the following week.

That changed under the 142nd Managing Board, when Editor-In-Chief Marcia Brown ’19 moved the section to become an online-only platform re-branded as The Prospect. Since that time, however, content from the section has stagnated, save contributions from our more regular column series, such as the Sexpert.


Now, under the 144th Board, we are happy to announce a new dawn for The Prospect. Our editors have been working non-stop to bring more writers into the fold and make it a thriving part of The Daily Princetonian. 

The section will feature writers’ takes on the arts on campus — from theater, to literature, to music and the visual arts. From the Lewis Arts complex to the University Art Museum, the opportunities for arts coverage at Princeton are endless, and we’re excited to enter the discussion on that facet of campus life.

Beyond the arts, we also want this section to focus on issues of student culture and student life. From fun times on Prospect Avenue to the very chairs we sit in, the writers of Prospect will explore the Princeton experience on every level.

For now, the section will remain online-only. Look out for our stories on the weekly newsletter, and with our Spring Recruitment season in swing, keep an eye out for new bylines and contributions!

So whether you’ve been reading us for years or you’ve just started now, welcome back to The Prospect.

Happy to have you along for the ride,


Elizabeth Parker and Benjamin Ball, Managing Editors

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