Audrey Spensley


8 students win Spirit of Princeton award

Eight students were selected as the winners of the Spirit of Princeton Award, according to Deputy Dean of Undergraduate Students Thomas Dunne. Seven winners are seniors and one is a junior.

Snell argues that the classification of personhood does not exist

R.J. Snell emphasized that he did not want to establish and defend a thesis about the meaning of personhood. “I’d rather us just try to reflect together on some basic intuitions that we may or may not share,” Snell said. He described a hypothetical situation in which the audience would debate whether one of the particular audience member was a person.

PHMC sponsors "FLI is Fly" week to raise awareness of first-generation low-income student experience

From April 3rd to April 7th, the Princeton Hidden Minority Council (PHMC) is holding a “FLI [first-generation low-income] is Fly” week to raise campus awareness about the specific experiences and challenges low-income and first-generation students face. “With this week, we really wanted to bring visibility to FLI students and get everyone to know what FLI is,” Council Co-Chair My Bui ‘18 said.