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Audrey Spensley


9 students win Spirit of Princeton award

 Nine seniors were selected as winners of the Spirit of Princeton award: Allison Berger ’18, Christina Onianwa ’18, Diego Negrón-Reichard ’18, Gaby Joseph ’18, Jordan Thomas ’18, Katie Tyler ’18, Maia Craver ’18, Soraya Morales Nuñez ’18, and Zoë Anne Toledo ’18.

Campus spaces named after formerly enslaved employees

The University Office of Communications announced in a statement on Tuesday that two prominent spaces on campus will be named after slaves who lived or worked at the University. A new public garden located between Firestone Library and Nassau Street will be named after Betsey Stockton, and the easternmost arch of East Pyne Hall will be named after James Collins “Jimmy” Johnson.

NJ European Heritage Association flyer posted near FitzRandolph Gate

A poster referring to “The White Race” as “Earth’s Most Endangered Species,” followed by contact information for a white supremacist organization called the New Jersey European Heritage Association, was found on a lamppost outside FitzRandolph Gate on Monday, April 9.

Courses canceled, snowstorm continues

Students have witnessed branches and even trees toppled onto the accumulating snow. According to Marina Latif ’19, multiple cars on Washington Street were backlogged in snow at about 4:30 p.m.

Matthew Desmond lectures on eviction

At a lecture on Wednesday, sociology professor Matthew Desmond spoke about eviction in the United States. He highlighted the story of Arleen Bell, who was evicted from multiple homes in Milwaukee, Wis.

Jack Finlay '18 receives Churchill Scholarship for study abroad

Established in 1959, the Churchill Scholarship Program offers American students of “exceptional ability and outstanding achievement” the opportunity to pursue one year of graduate study in engineering, mathematics, or the sciences at the University of Cambridge.

PHS yearbook prints N-word, consequences follow

Now a student at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, Ponder weighed in on anthropology professor Lawrence Rosen’s use of the N-word in the now-cancelled course ANT 212: Cultural Freedoms — Hate Speech, Blasphemy, and Pornography. “He decided that despite not being an African-American, his lecture was important enough to justify his use of the word, and he had the audacity to argue with students who tried to correct him,” Ponder said.