Ariel Chen


ENV seniors spearhead Princeton Environmental Ideathon

Certificate students from the University’s Environmental Studies program are bringing a new competition to campus in the form of a novel environmental summit. From April 13-15, 2018, ENV certificate students will be hosting an Environmental Ideathon for 300 graduate and undergraduate students pursuing environmental studies across the East Coast.

Panel comments on Lewis Center architecture, functionality

On Thursday, the University Art Museum hosted a discussion panel on the design and functionality of the new Lewis Arts Complex, part of the new Arts and Transit neighborhood on the southern edge of campus. The panel discussed the architectural conceptions of form and function that Lewis Center for the Arts designer Steven Holl used, as well as the ways in which the Lewis Center interacts with its users and the existing Princeton campus.

University purchases 48 Steinway pianos for new Lewis Center

When the new Lewis Center for the Arts officially opens this weekend, 48 new Steinway & Sons pianos will be among the complex's new features. Selected and purchased over the course of two years, these instruments were specifically chosen from a pool of 200 possible instruments by University faculty and students, according to the University Office of Communications.

Chapel roof replaced for first time in nearly 90 years

For the first time since its construction in 1928, the University Chapel’s roof is being replaced. After decades of constant repairs to fix leaks, the University has decided to replace the entire roof. This renovation, which preserves historical authenticity while addressing environmental concerns, is scheduled to be finished by the end of the summer.

Energy Heatmap illuminates campus buildings' energy usage

When website co-founder Annie Lu ’17 was a sophomore, she took COS 333: Advanced Programming Techniques, a class that spends six weeks working on projects in groups of three or four people. Lu and her group members, Adam Gallagher ’16 and Joshua Bocarsly ’15, decided to create a map that provides a visual representation of energy use in buildings on campus.

Two judges and a law professor discuss selecting judges in the Trump era

U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit Judge David Tatel, former Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court Deborah Poritz, and Fordham University Professor of Law Jed Shugerman discussed the issues behind the nomination and confirmation of federal and state judges and proposed solutions to break the partisan logjams in the appointment process.

Venter discusses genetic engineering, human longevity

In a quote written on a chalkboard in the Caltech archives, Richard Feynman said, “What I cannot create, I do not understand.” This quote is the root of inspiration for geneticist J. Craig Venter’s research and scientific mission.

New honor society aims to reward science research

The Princeton Biomedical Engineering Society hosted an informational presentation on Feb. 22 with Elise Mochizuki, investment analyst at the Akemi Capital family office. She is the founder of the honor society Epsilon Alpha Mu and the nonprofit organization The Elise Foundation, which aims to make available new sources of funding for STEM research and pursuits on campus.