Monday, November 29

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Terrace employee who allegedly threatened club manager arrested

On March 14, Darnell Pygum, the former Terrace Club employee who allegedly threatened the club manager, was placed under arrest by the Princeton Police Department, according to a statement from the PPD.

Pygum turned himself in and was processed on a warrant for arrest which showed charges of “making Terrorist Threats and Criminal Trespass at the Terrace Club” on March 6, according to the statement.


According to an email from University Public Safety, Pygum entered the club around 11 a.m. on March 6. Later that afternoon, according to an email distributed by Terrace president Elizabeth Yu ’19, he made threatening comments to the club’s house manager, whose job duties include coordinating with food services. Pygum had entered the premises intoxicated, according to the PPD press release, but was cooperative and left when asked to do so by club officers.

Pygum allegedly said, “That is the last time you are going to yell at me, I got something for you, I'm going to snipe you, I'm going to get you, I'll be waiting for you outside this afternoon when you leave work."

Due to this incident, Terrace was closed for dinner on March 6 and breakfast on March 7, and members were warned to avoid entering the club during that time.

According to the PPD press release, Pygum was promptly taken to the Mercer County Jail by PPD officers upon turning himself in.

This is a breaking story and will be updated with further information.