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Graduate students, seniors hope U. sustains tuition waivers after tax bill

The U.S. Senate passed a $1.5 trillion tax bill that would be among the largest changes to the tax code in recent memory. Under the House bill, graduate students’ yearly tax burden would go from about $3,000 a year to over $11,000, more than a third of their actual, take-home pay. This worries many graduate students, who rely on these tuition waivers to finance their education. 

Sackler family donations to U. funded by OxyContin sales

“I understand that it's tricky when it comes to institutions like museums where the person [a gallery] is named after gave the money to build that wing of the museum,” said Beth Wang ’18. “ Ideally it should be changed, but the acknowledgement that the only reason the room is there is because of this really problematic person makes it less easy to take the name away.” 

U. Title IX investigation finds Verdú guilty of sexual harassment

On June 9, a Title IX investigation found electrical engineering professor Sergio Verdú responsible for sexually harassing his advisee, graduate student Yeohee Im, over the course of two months. In a Nov. 9 article in HuffPost, Im said that Verdú was required to attend an eight-hour training session after accusations of the assault emerged, but that he was not disciplined in any other way.

We Speak results mark end of three-year survey program

This year’s survey found a significant increase in students’ awareness of resources, and the proportion of undergraduate women who reported experiencing sexual misconduct in the past academic year decreased from one in four women to one in five.

We Speak survey results released

For graduate women, 1 in 11 respondents said that they had experienced sexual harassment in the past year. According to a University infographic made from survey results, 23 percent of those harassed said that the incident involved an employee or staff member, faculty member, or postdoc.

U. awards top alumni honors to Gibson '65 and Mendelsohn GS '94

The University will award its top alumni honors, the Woodrow Wilson Award and the James Madison Medal, to Charles Gibson ’65 and Daniel Mendelsohn GS ’94, respectively. The official award ceremony will take place on campus during Alumni Day on Feb. 24, where Gibson and Mendelsohn will also deliver speeches. 

U. launches Princeton and Slavery website

“The history of Princeton and slavery is the history of America writ small,” professor Martha Sandweiss said. “We are a place where liberty and slavery have been intertwined from the very start.”