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A response to "The absence of allies"

Instead of speaking to the necessity and urgency of the event, Sippy’s condemnation does little more than to reaffirm the extreme belief that the event shouldn’t have happened in the first place or was inherently anti-Semitic.


A condemnation of Finkelstein’s conduct from members of AJP

Conversations about Palestinian rights far too often become centered on unfounded accusations of anti-Semitism. While this event was perverted by Finkelstein’s genuinely anti-Semitic and offensive remark, which we condemn without reservation, we are at the same time dismayed that his comments have made this necessary condemnation the focus of the event’s aftermath. 


A concrete step backwards

If we do not denounce both white supremacy and white supremacists with clarity and conviction, the University can never hope to uproot and dismantle the ... Read More