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Harvard Dean Rakesh Khurana said the institution would discontinue the use of the term "House Master," which currently refers to the heads of Harvard’s residential houses, theHarvard Crimson reported.

The announcement comes on the heels of a similar change that took effect at the University on Nov. 18.

Khurana cited unanimous agreement concerning this change in an email signed by all of the current masters of Harvard’s residential houses. He added that the change was approved by Harvard President Drew Faust.

“In the coming weeks, the College will launch a process in which members of the House leaders’ docket committee, working with senior College team members and the House leadership community as a whole, will suggest a new title that reflects the current realities of the role,” Khurana said, noting that the shift will serve the 21st century needs of residential student life.

The title “master” was originally adopted from the British university system, but in the American context can be associated with the legacy of slavery.

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