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Dartmouth College andDisney Research scientists have developed a new method of displaying full-color images, EurekAlert! reported Tuesday.

The technique involves only two black patterns, which are printed on transparencies attached to two sides of a prism.

The first pattern fractures the light into a certain structure. When that structure passes through the prism, repeated rainbows arise before being filtered into the second pattern, resulting in a detailed full-color image.

“In the future, this technique could allow for projectors and displays with better color fidelity or even displays, which could dynamically trade off light efficiency, color fidelity and resolution,” senior author Wojciech Jarosz,a former senior research scientist at Disney Research Zurich and current computer science professor at Dartmouth, told EurekAlert!.

Jarosz’s research has contributed to the production of feature films such as Disney’s “Tangled” and “Big Hero 6.” Anotherfirst author, Rafael Hostettler, works atDisney Research Zurich.

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