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Cannon Dial Elm Club and Tower Club, the two eating clubs to have completed Bicker so far this year, saw a total of 71 bickerees.

This fall, Cap & Gown Clubdid not participate in fall Bicker, while Ivy Club will begin conducting its Bicker sessions this week.

Tiger Inn and Cottage Club have historically foregone fall Bicker.

The number of bickerees at Tower almost doubled, rising from 27 in 2014 to 52 in 2015, according to Tower president George Papademetriou ’16. The number of students accepted fell slightly from 22 to 15, and the acceptance rate fell from 81 percent to 29 percent.

The number of bickerees at Cannon stayed roughly constant, at around 19, according to sources within the club. This fall, the number of accepted bickerees fell and the acceptance rate rose, with 13 out of 19 bickerees accepted for a rate of 68 percent.Seventeen people bickered Cannon in fall 2014, with nine accepted for an acceptance rate of about 53 percent.

Cannon president Ian McGeary ’16 did not respond to a request for comment.

During thespring of 2015, Cannon took 105 out of 200 students for an acceptance rate of 53 percent. Cap took 100 out of 227 students, about 44 percent, while Tower accepted 120 out of 151 bickerees for an acceptance rate of 79 percent, significantly higher than its acceptance rate during this fall.

Seventy people bickered in the fall last year among Ivy, Cap, Cannon and Tower. Forty-four people bickered either Tower or Cannon last year.

Though the Interclub Council changed the bickering policy in 2013to allow students to bicker two clubs in the spring at Cannon, Cap, Cottage and TI,students are only allowed to bicker one club in the fall.

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