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The University ranked 18th out of 179 collegeson The New York Times College Access Index, which wasreleased on Sept. 16.

The College Access Index was developed to measure the effort colleges make on economic diversity and took into account factors such as the proportion of students on Pell grants, the likelihood of those students graduating, as well as the costs low and middle-income students incur after financial aid from their college.

According to the list, the University’s Pell grad share is 13 percent, and the net price after financial aid for middle-income students is approximately $7,000.

Although the index showed that the University has the largest endowment per student at $2.32 million, it also showed low-income students representing a relatively small part of the total student body at the University compared to some of the other universities on the list.

The index also indicated that the University of California is a clear leader in economic diversity among top colleges, with 6 of its campuses ranking among the top 7 schools on the list.


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