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Event: Princeton Public Works presents First Annual Arts Mixer

If you’re into student art and bubble tea, then you might want to stop by Princeton Public Works’ Arts Mixer, where visual artists and arts groups from across campus will be “mixing” with each other and rekindling the passion for art that burns in their hearts, bubble tea in hand. Their work will be displayed in the cozy setting of this event, which will be happening in Murray-Dodge Cafe.

Murray-Dodge Cafe

Thursday, 7:30 p.m.


Music: Princeton University Battle of the Bands

Who will open for the main act at Lawnparties?! Unlike with the decision of who to feature as the main act, students will have a say in that choice. Student bands Baker & Goods, Fictionize,Psychobaby,Valley Academy and St. Danger will be completing in the University’s first-ever Battle of the Bands to nab that coveted opening spot. All five bands will be performing at Dillon Loading Dock (where Coldplay performed during their first U.S. tour, apparently) and will be accompanied by churros (for audience members to eat).

Dillon Loading Dock

Friday, 9 p.m.


Comedy: Quipfire! presents Gravid Water Show

Quipfire! is back with its second Gravid Water Show this year. What is Gravid Water, you ask? We’re not sure what “gravid” means in real life, but in the context of improv comedy, it involves one actor who’s already memorized all of her lines performing onstage with a Quipfire! member who has no idea what those lines are. This show is happening for only one night, so you probably don’t want to miss it.

Class of 1970 Theatre in Whitman College

Friday, 9 p.m.


Event: The Princeton Perspective Project’s “Behind this Smile” Storytelling Event

The Princeton Perspective Project will be diving in behind the smiles of the students and alumni who are set to share stories on Saturday about hard times and successes with just their silhouettes visible. Other speakers and student performers will be featured throughout the day, and the event as a whole hopes to challenge notions of effortless perfection on Princeton’s campus. Oh, and there will be Chipotle for lunch.

Robertson Hall

Saturday, 11 a.m.

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