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In her first major speech since announcing her presidential candidacy, Hillary Rodham Clinton addressed the growing issue of mass incarceration and criminal justice at Columbia’s David N. Dinking Leadership and Public Policy Forum, according to the Columbia Daily Spectator.

Clinton discussed the growing urgency for reforming the criminal justice system, mentioning policy options such as equipping police with body cameras and reevaluating the punishments for low-level offenders.

“It’s time to change our approach. It’s time to end the era of mass incarceration,” Clinton said. “It’s time to have the debate about how to reduce the prison population while keeping our communities safe.”

Columbia has recently taken up the issue of prison injustice and reform. After a recommendation from Columbia’s Advisory Committee on Socially Responsibly Investing that it should divest from companies in the private prison industry, a manager eliminated Columbia’s holdings in the Corrections Corporation of Americain February.


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