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Only two Ivy League universities' admission rates were lower than that of the University's as of Tuesday night, although Harvard's admission rate had not yetbeen released, Business Insider reported.

Columbia accepted only 6.1 percent of its applicants to the Class of 2019, and Yale accepted only 6.49 percent. The University accepted 6.99 percent.

The University's admission rate was a decrease from 7.28 percent for the Class of 2018, while Yale's rose from 6.26 percent. Columbia's declined from 6.94 percent last year.

Brown stayed roughly constant from last year at around 8.5 percent, and the University of Pennsylvania stayed constant at 9.9 percent. Dartmouth accepted 10.3 percent, a decline from 11.5 percent last year.

Cornell University's admission rate was the highest reported so far at 14.9 percent, up from 14 percent last year.

Cornell also saw the highest number of applications at 41,907. Dartmouth received the fewest at 20,504, followed by the University at 27,290.

However, the number of applications to the University was the highest in the University's history.

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