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As the esteemed Editorial Board of perhaps the most acclaimed college newspaper in the country, we represent the true voice of Princeton’s students. This year, it was clear what our peers wanted: Will Gansa ’17for Government Club. But we disagreed. Not because our egos were bruised when Will Gansa declined to speak with us. Nay, it was because we believe there is a higher calling for Gansa. Thus, the Editorial Board wholeheartedly and unreservedly endorses Gansa for University Club President.

Last year, we admonished the student body for failing to talk about ourselves enough. And yet, even with our well-articulated, thoughtful and insightful argumentation (as always), campus culture failed to change. And look what that has led to: an administration that cruelly destroyed our beloved ICE, that forced unripened fruit into our stomachs and that—worst of all—failed to pursue bike reform. The tyranny of undemocratic incumbency that is the current University Club administration, under University Club President Eisgruber ’83must be overthrown. We are not petty or elitist. We. Are. Miserable. And we deserve happiness.

We deserve an administration that wants us to be happy and that tirelessly and solely works to make us happy. Who cares about the professors, who are just pawns of a University bent on making us work...

Correction: Due to reporting errors, an earlier version of this article contained a number of inaccuracies. First, an earlier version of the article did not properly identify the current President of the University Club. It is Christopher Eisgruber, not Shirley Tilghman. Second, an earlier version of this article referred to University Club improperly as simply University. Third, an earlier version of this article forgot to mention that the reason Will Gansa was not previously endorsed is that he declined to speak with the 'Prince.' The ‘Prince’ regrets these errors.

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