The Princeton Police Department is working with other police departments nearby to combat a recent "rash" of burglaries, Town Topics reported.

Princeton Police Captain Nick Sutter confirmed thatthere have been six burglaries and one attempted burglary so far.

Residential daytime burglaries have occurred over the past several weeks in Princeton. The homes were all unoccupied at the time of the break-ins. Sutter noted that it is not unusual to have a number of burglaries occur over a short period of time, explaining that burglaries are usually perpetrated by one individual.

Sutter also said that the arrest of two Ewing men in West Windsor may have some connection to the Princeton burglaries, although the recent arrest of a suspect in South Brunswick is unrelated.

Residents have been advised to report any suspicious vehicle in their neighborhood and to notify the police immediately if an unknown person knocks on their front door.

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