At approximately 6:17 p.m. on Sunday fire alarms went off in Whitman College leading to an evacuation of all the students in the residential college, according to University Media SpecialistMike Caddell.

Fire alarms were reportedly triggered from the smoke of an overcooked meal from the Whitman kitchen, he explained.Timothy Lau '17 and five other students were cooking a meal celebrating the end of spring break when they decided to let the smoke out from the kitchen through the window and kitchen door, Lau said.

While the kitchen fire alarms were not triggered, the hallway alarms, which Lau said are more sensitive to smoke, were triggered about 15 seconds after the door was opened. The ventilation system in the kitchen was operational, according to Lau, but he said the students wanted to clear the smoke in a more efficient manner.

There was no fire or injuries, and fire trucks did not respond to the scene, Caddell said.

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